Thursday, January 24, 2008

Countdown Begins...


I have a personal tour guide (just him and I). My prayer that he is a Christian and will help me out...or...he's not a Christian and repents and puts his trust in the Savior!

ooooo...I'm excited!


At 2:00 AM , Anonymous Someone said...

Miss Campanali,
I am so sorry. I have not been to your blog since "so long". Can you bring some souvenir from China?(Just wants to see) Hope you have a good trip (and a good Christian tour guide!)^-^
Good Luck and Your Student,
Guess Who Am I

At 2:01 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 2:05 AM , Blogger stella said...

Ms. Auroua,

Of course I'll bring back some souvenir to show you. I pray that I have a good trip, too!

I just love how you come to my blog and leave me little notes. It's really precious! I hope you're learning something from it as well.

I think Judah says "hi;" he keeps hitting the keyboard!!

I'll see you on Friday before I leave! Have a blessed week and for once, do something fun for yourself! :)

Ms. C


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