Monday, August 18, 2008

The Last Post

It's time for this Taiwan/US blog to come to an end...please visit my new blog:

Thank you.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Preaching to the Angry Mob!

Hector writes: Nicole C shares the Gospel to a crowd of demonstrators who, after being instigated by a man who was screaming to drown out the Gospel, turned on Nicole. Check out the guy with the umbrella who uses his umbrella to try to hit Nicole. The police had to surround us to protect us...thank God for them. We love these demonstrators who were demonstrating against China's human rights abuses and mistook us for Chinese agents...go figure... Afterward though they apologized and the Lord permitted us to share the Gospel with the organizer and with the Buddhist monks who were with them.

According to Chiz, there were 2,000 people in attendance.

NYC Tour

After Repent and Witness Camp, a few of us took our new friend, Kevin around NYC. We went to the Empire State Building, South Street Seaport and took a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. I had a great time chillin' with my brothas.

Alex's Baptism

I went to New Jersey a couple of weeks ago to see my girl, Alex, get baptized. She invited me a few days before and told me that it was after church. I showed up in heels and a dress, thinking we were going to church. On our way, Jonathan asked me..."Did anyone tell you that it was at a lake?" Oops! I guess that part was left out! :)
I was also blessed to meet Rica (bottom picture). She got saved after talking to Ray Comfort on Way of the Master Radio

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Repent and Witness Evangelism Boot Camp Day 1: Worship Prep and Chilin' with the Girls

August 7-11, 2008
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This was my first evangelism camp ever. I had heard stories about other camps in which they became competitions on who could preach the most times. This was totally not like that. We had such a precious group of people with us from all over the United States and Canada. People who were so willing to put aside their fears and step up to preach the Word of God. It was such a blessing to see so many grow in a couple of days. People who said they didn't even know why they were there or just there for support, stepped out of their comfort zone time and time again. I ask that you pray for them that God would continue to mold and shape them in the likeness of His Son.

This was the last event before I leave the the UAE. I thank God for every moment. I will treasure and cherish it for a very long time.

God truly blessed me this weekend. Honestly, I have never wanted to come home because I don't have Christian friends here. I had been praying for them for 7 years!! The Lord has given me such a precious group of people, whom I call family now. I can not wait until I return permanently!! The Lord has given me a vision for ministry, but yet I felt it was only a 1/2 of a vision. This summer, I have a completed vision and now know the road I need to go down to see that come to pass.

The one thing I learned from camp that hit me the most was not to take the brethren for granted. It has been so hard having limited or no Christian fellowship over the past two years. Living in a restricted household has really taken its toll on me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It was so refreshing to spend time with such genuine people of faith, who are truly concerned about the lost and who desire seek God above all. I love these people dearly. They are so special to me. I pray that the Lord would allow us all to meet again next summer...

Repent and Witness Evangelism Boot Camp Day 2: Preparing for Battle/Prayer and Worship

Repent and Witness Evangelism Boot Camp Day 2: Penn Station/Madison Square Garden

The Lord gave me grace to preach the Gospel in Chinese (with the aid of body language) and to a Muslim who asked, "What must I do to get to heaven?"

Repent and Witness Evangelism Boot Camp Day 2: Dallas BBQ!!!

One of my favorite places! :)

Repent and Witness Evangelism Boot Camp Day 2: Subway and Times Square

Repent and Witness Evangelism Boot Camp Day 3: Departing for Battle/Church

Repent and Witness Evangelism Boot Camp Day 3: Staten Island Ferry

Repent and Witness Evangelism Boot Camp Day 3: Union Square