Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am blessed and highly favored of God!!

This is my bulletin board that is in the entrance to my public school where I'm not allowed to preach any religion. Praise God, I was able to share the Gospel this week with my students. Praise God that my board was approved! Although people were asking "Why is this up?" I praise God that others liked it. For the Word says that the Gospel will be brought to all nations before Jesus returns...and this was the first time hearing the Gospel for almost all my students. (Oh and ignore the birds...they were there from my last board...I couldn't get all of them off without ruining the paper background...)


We also colored easter eggs...The kids remained surprisingly clean...PRAISE JESUS!!

You are awesome God of power, Lord of glory!!!!

Tonight I met a missionary from Nigeria who lives on the floor above me. It was completely God, as I had plans to be elsewhere this evening. I met with him and it was so encouraging...God answered a whole lot of prayers in that hour!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I "torture" my students.

Look what I do to them. I have so much fun with my students on Friday. I rather just play with them than be in the classroom. These are two of my 3rd graders. The smaller one wouldn't sit down (he was still trying to write something in English on the board). So I chalked him...another student wanted the same thing....They're great! Aren't they just incredibly cute?!?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Holocaust Museum

Sunday, 1pm, Bau-An (Tainan County).

Yours truly will be singing (read: solo!!) Kadosh in Hebrew and English.

We will also try it out during the conference on Saturday.

I met with the pastor today and we worked out this beautiful arrangement with the piano and Chinese violin. It was my first time singing solo for anyone in a very, very, very long time...It was very freeing for me. I don't sing the way others always like. But there was so much freedom to sing the song how I want to and like to and just to be myself and worship God. Just the words of "Don't worry, it sounds beautiful." Made such a huge impact on me when I messed up at the beginning. I felt as if those words came right out of the mouth of God to my ears. I know over the past year I've been made fun of and people have talked behind my back about the way I worship because I don't fit the cookie-cutter, man-made mold of a worshipper. I feel so honored, grateful, and blessed that God would choose me to take part in this. I can't even begin to describe what my heart is feeling...And I know some of you may say, "Oh it's just a song...whatever..." But I say to you, it's not about's about what God is doing in and with me...

In my rehearsal today, I asked the pastor a whole lot of questions about him and the church. I also got to share the testamony of my church's new building in Indiana since Dayspring (Tainan church) really, really needs a new building like yesterday! I asked about the pastor's background in music and about the worship. He told me that there are quite some talented people at the church, but pride can quickly set in and perhaps many of them are not mature in the Lord. Worship was changed and those with maybe not as great of skill, are the worship leaders because of their hearts and maturity in Christ. In that way, the focus is not on the talent, but remains on God. He was telling me about how even the congregation changed after the worship team was changed. There is more freedom to worship and more focus on God rather than the talent on the platform. I've been to so many places (Taiwan included) where the focus is on talent. I've watched people, who may not be quite so talented but who are really after God, passed over because a church wants its worship team to sound like the BTC or CeCe. Instead of sowing time into training or teaching those people, we kick them to the curb and disqualified because they aren't up to our standards. It really is time for the Church to get back to God's standards.

So, in the end, I was allowed to see the heart of the church. This church is very different from all those that I've been to in's a good place. I thank God for it and the people there!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I'm singing in Hebrew at the Tainan Holocaust Museum on Sunday!!!!

What a blessing!!!!!

*as long as it all pans out on Tuesday...the pastor and I will practice and prepare*

I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!

I had an awesome time having lunch with my cell group for the first time. Then Su Fon came over and we talked for a few hours. We were talking a lot about God and the more I talk, the more I sound like Pastor times it's really scary!!! (In a good way)! So, to all my pastors back home...I really was paying attention! :)

Tonight at our church, I spoke about repentence. We had the most number of people at one time...5 of us!!! Hallelujah!!! *6 or 7 of us have gotten together at separate times* So, the group is growing!!! We had such a sweet time with the Lord and were able to confess any sins we were walking in. Nothing like freedom in Christ!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

June Vacation!!!!

We have a 4 day holiday (5 if we take a personal day on Friday)....Jaquetta and I are going to Sydney or India...which ever is cheaper....

I need a travel agent! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!

YAY!! I'm 6 years old!

I'm a shop-aholic.

I found Toys R Us in Tainan!!!!!! I had to buy something to make myself feel better today...guess what I bought....

Monopoly!!! Taiwan Edition!!!! How cool!!! I totally own Tainan! ha! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The first time I ever cried.

At work!!! I'm such a baby and need to get over myself still. When I don't feel well, I'm overly sensitive. Well, I woke up today and I felt like crap. I think I have a cold or something. So, I wore jeans and a really, really large sweatshirt to school (because I'm freezing)! I didn't wash my hair and it's all frizzed out and looks hideous.

I get to school and I'm told I have to take pictures for the yearbook!!!! What?!? Why wasn't I told?!?!? Everyone was so dressed up!! I looked terrible!! I got called out of class to take the group picture with the other teachers. I was the last one to get there and everyone was waiting on me. People were looking at me like "what is she wearing? Did she seriously come to school like that today?!?" Now, I know they didn't say it and any other day it probably wouldn't have bothered me, but today it did. I almost started crying during during the picture. Then I left. I was told I have to take individual pictures with all the 6th graders. I couldn't do it and just started crying. I felt horrible that I looked horrible. Needless to say that I didn't take the other pictures. I returned to class and my students were like what's wrong?!?

I finished teaching the class and afterwards many 6th graders came to me with gifts of candy telling me not to cry, that I'm beautiful. They are so sweet and I was really touched by it.

But the entire school knows that teacher Nicole was crying today....

I feel so retarded.

When I first came to Taiwan, I didn't fit into my nicer clothes. I wore a lot of workout clothes. I attended this church and a girl (who happened to be a leader in the church) ask me in quite a condescending manner, "Don't you have any better clothes to wear?" I'm still quite sensitive about my appearance. I know, I know...I need healing from the Lord....

ok, Lord. I'm ready.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Ha ha ha ha. I'm bored tonight.

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The hardest thing yet...

It was very hard to tell my mom something I've been keeping from her from a very long time. (Only like 4 people know of this). My sister went to a psychic the other day and the psychic told her a lie about me; well, it would have been the truth several years ago, but today it's lie. (And rightfully so, because as you know satan will ALWAYS manipulate the truth). So, I had to tell my mom and I told her about what Jesus had done in my life. I told her that Jesus has completely delievered me from this bondage and life of sin. But all she could do was stand in shock and concentrate on the sin. It breaks my heart that she couldn't hear what the Lord has done in me!!! All I could tell her was

satan is a liar. Jesus Christ came to give us freedom and eternal life.

On June 29, it will be 5 years since Christ delievered me from that demonic stronghold. I praise Him for that!!

Oh, and by the birthday is on Thursday (3/22). I will be 6 years old. (And 26 on June 30th)!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Obedience Pays.

I've been praying about a church meeting on 3/30 and 3/31. A 21- year old Jewish man, Yo'el Berkowitz, is coming to teach about Exodus and about Jewish culture. I feel so blessed to be able to be taught by this man of God. So, I've been telling God (as if He didn't already know) how much we will be blessed by this. And I've asked, how can we be a blessing to Yo'el. I have some of my Messianic worship music with me and there's two songs that I love (and know well). (Hine Ma Tov and Kadosh....I learned these both at Eagles' Wings Conferences when my friend Stephen lead worship). I put the songs on a CD. I'm not serving at the church yet and I'm not a part of the worship team, so I felt very strange telling anyone about what I was feeling. So, I approached the pastor after church and told him that I've been praying and I think that perhaps the worship team could learn a song or two in Hebrew and that would bless our speaker.

(I cannot express how hard that was to do...I kept feeling, who am I to suggest this? I'm new here. No one really knows me. And why should the pastor listen to my ideas?)

I expected the pastor to perhaps say no, or brush the issue off. But no, he said, he was feeling the same thing!!! I was really blown away by that!! I told him I could teach his worship team the songs (and he asked if I knew Hebrew or been to Israel....both are a no...I just know the songs and I know about the love of God for Israel).

He asked if I was a musician and I said that I can do a few things on several instruments, but nothing great. He asked if I could sing and I said yes, that I was apart of the worship team back home. He quickly introduced me to the keyboardist. And he asked if I would be willing to do some songs (it's pretty open to anything) in English during service whether it be during worship or a special song before the sermon.

So Josephine (the keyboardist) and I will be getting together to practice some songs. I feel so blessed to be a part of this. None of it would have been discussed if I didn't step out of my comfort zone. And if nothing comes out of least I know I was obedient.

So, I encourage you, if you feel an urging from the Lord, go for it. You never know what the Lord might have instore for you behind what you think is insignificant.

I'm off to help clean someone's house...and this time it's not mine!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

I finally got paid today!!!

Praise be to Jesus Christ!!!

After a really awesome God time last night. I didn't get any sleep because a little demon called "mosquito" came to rob me of my sleep last night. I have huge hard bumps on my arms, feet and face from being bitten by the little monster. Finally at 5 AM, I went in my prayer room and tried to sleep on the floor. I felt miserable today and it was only made worse by lunch. I was so sick I couldn't stand up, but yet, I still had class. Amos gave me this candy for the throat and what ever it was made of calmed my stomach down just enough to endure the bumpy ride back home.

Praise God that the devil is already defeated. What I don't understand is that he just doesn't get it.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Corporate Prayer Meeting

I was so blessed tonight. I was one of two English speakers that were their (the other guy really shouldn't count because he speaks a little Chinese and his wife is Taiwanese). So, technically, I was the only non-Chinese speaking person. I felt right at home praying along side people I don't understand! (Reminds me of the days at White Horse when my Latino friends start praying in Spanish, and they go so fast, I get lost)!

God gave me a word and a promise that I'm holding on to and believe that it's beginning to come to past even now! Over past 3 or 4 weeks, I feel like I've just grown spiritually in leaps and bounds! (I guess I need to make up for the 5 months of not attending church). God never ceases to amaze me. Just went I was wondering what am I doing? God comes along with a blast of encouragement and love. I've never really felt like I belong anywhere, but for the first time I do. At times, I think that God removed me from everything I know just to let me know that I Him)!

So, one of the immediate needs of our church is a new building. The Taiwan government has threatened to turn off the power and water if we don't move. The church is on the 2nd and 3rd floors of this building and is only accessable by a staircase. The government says that since the church is for all, it needs to be accessable to the disabled (which I think everyone agrees). However, architectually, a ramp or elevator is impossible. I was praying for this and I just felt the Lord say, "Doesn't the government know who I am? Doesn't the government know the heart of my people. Cutting the power and water won't stop my people from praising me!" So, Taiwan government: Electricity and water are not requirements for a church!

I had this vision about the government cutting all the power. And people showed up for church, and as they started worshiping, the power went back on! And there was some weird thing set up so the government could monitor what we were doing. The officials were amazed that we had power. At first they thought we hid some generators, but they realized that we didn't. When the officials stepped in, they stepped into the glory and instantly knew the power of the living God!! I've been hearing this a lot lately: "And they shall know that I am God!" I don't know if it's arrogant or not, but at times I feel like saying, "Come on Taiwan government!!!! Let the one true God show you what He can do!!!" It's like a kid saying, "Oh yeah, my dad's stronger than your dad!!" Which, by the way, is completely true!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Revelation

I had some new revelation last's one thing to be filled with the Holy Spirit. It's another thing to be operating in the power of the Holy Spirit. I don't just want to be a Holy Spirit-filled Christian. I want to be a Holy Spirit filled Christian operating in the power of the Spirit in order for God to work miracles, signs, and wonders so that glory would be brought to His name and people would turn to Christ.

On another note: I still haven't been paid since January (and even that was nearly 3 weeks late). I'm starting to get very mad with this issue. All the other teachers have been paid. I'm constantly told that the government doesn't have money! HOW THE HECK DOES THE GOVERNMENT NOT HAVE MONEY TO PAY ME!!! How can one sign a contract and say that you will be paid this much money for this time period and NOT have it in your budget!!!

People keep telling me, "oh when you get paid you'll have 2 or 3 months worth of pay in your bank." No one seems to understand that I have student loans back home (and a great deal of money is owed thanks to Purdue)! My natural life will be screwed if I don't pay my loans on time. No one seems to think anything of it!

What makes me even more mad is that my contract is constantly held over my head. "Your contract says this so you must do this and that..." But my contract is constantly broken by the other side especially in regards to pay.

I want to SCREAM!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Some kind of subject today.

I've really taken a lot of things and people for granted over the past year. If you feel like you're one of them, I'm very sorry. I never meant to become like that.

Over the past 6 months, I've had a little taste of what it's like to live in a country where Christianity is forbidden (or serverely prosecuted)....I'm so grateful for what the Lord has done with me, through me, for me, etc....

Thank you.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A new church.

I started going to a new church about 3 weeks ago. The things that have been preached, Pastor Jeff has preached about, which is really encouraging. Today I found out the theme for the church this year: excellence. Hmm....

There's something very special about this place.

I was really touched today. I joined the prayer meeting before service for the first time. It's all in Chinese, but my friend Julie tells me what is said. The pastor came over and translated everything and all the prayers people were lifting up, even though Julie was there. He could have sent someone else to do it, as many people there can speak some English. But to me, it was a gesture to make sure I feel like I'm a part of the group. I was very grateful for it.

I really need to learn more Chinese. I more I know the more I realize that I really don't know anything at all!! :)

At the end of March I will be attending church meetings with a Messianic Jew named Yo'el. He will be teaching us about Exodus. I'm really excited about this as most of you know my heart for Israel. I feel so honored that this 21 year old man will come and teach us.

Tonight I will be teaching about repentance....I'm off to prepare.

I love God!

He is so good. Wow.

I've been praying for more ministry opportunities. I've been asking God that my home be a sanctuary for those who need the Lord.

I decided to lower the asking price for the rent for my apartment. I got a call from a lady who sounded quite desperate for a new home. Turns out that the place she is living is quite bad. She recently became divorced and moved back to Taiwan with her 10 year old son. I was really hesitant, but felt as if I was to say it was okay. (Which is a really big thing for me because I will make it clear that I'm not a free babysitter...this is always my concern). But, I told her to come and see the apartment and I want to meet her son. I told her that I could meet with her after church and she asked if I am Catholic. I told her no, I'm a Christian and she told me she is a born again Christian. So, if she has time tomorrow, we will meet and talk.

In other news, Aaron is going to help me learn BoPoMoFo (I love the way that's, hip hop)! He's working on his graduate degree and I know that his time is really valuable, so I offered to help him with English. Although, I think his English is quite good....we'll work on building vocabulary and English grammar....

After my training session, I went to play basketball with Co Fon and the other people from last time. When I wasn't playing, I was bugging some little Taiwanese kids by speaking English to them. Then this 10 year old comes over and says, "Hi! My name's Frank!" I asked him where he went to school and he said Shengli Elementary. I asked if he knew the foreign English teacher and he was like "Yeah!!! Do you know this teacher and that teacher too?!?" I said no, I only know the foreign teacher because we came to Taiwan together. He ran to tell his mom that I knew the teacher. It was really cute!

I'm off to bed...yippee!!! Finally going to bed early one day this week. If you can count 11pm early.

Friday, March 09, 2007

My new apartment and the countdown to Korea!

25 Days until Korea.....

Here are some pictures of my new apartment! I finally got my fridge, washing maching and TV. I'm having an English movie night with my co-workers from my Friday school soon. I'm really excited and God has blessed me tremendously!!! Now, I just need some roommates.

I went to Kaohsiung last night for dinner with Paul and Mary...we went to TGI Fridays!!! I have been craving Jack Daniels Chicken. I get there and they don't have it!!!!!! UGH!!!! I convinced the waitress to have some chicken breasts made with the JD sauce and they graciously complied. Except, I expected to get the onion rings/slaw or baked potato....No, I got Spanish rice and corn! A weird combo! Oh well....I was so full from my chicken I really couldn't eat the rest.

We are so retarded sometimes! :)

The first full week back.

It was my first full week back. It went pretty well. I'm no longer teaching from the curriculum, but am designing my own. The students really enjoyed the activity this week. They are no longer students in my class. We're doing a little role play. So now, I teach doctors, pilots, nurses, waiters/waitresses, etc English! I'm starting to use my more advance students to teach.

This week I started the English Club at school. I think it's ok. It's just for advanced students and we meet 3 times a week during nap time. The goal is to improve their English.

My Friday school asked me to take part in their English Camp which meets Mondays and Fridays from 4-6pm. I agreed and found out that I get paid for it!!!

This is one of my 4th graders teaching the class.

And some 6th graders getting remidial help:

Sansia (Taipei) and the High Speed Railway!!

After my mountain trip, I left for Taipei. Michael and Jessica took me to the High Speed Railway in Tainan County. Usually it takes 4 hours by train to get to Taipei, but it only took under 2 hours on the HSR!!! Training in Sansia (Taipei County) was boring. Sitting through 3 days of presentations...and we all say the same can only imagine....

I acquired some new "workers" to my organization. (This is completely an inside joke). I had a great time hanging out with Mary, Rachel, and Paul. I got to see my main man, Doug, again! (I know you read hi!!!!!!!)

On the way back, I snagged my friend Jacquetta and forced her to come back to Tainan with me. I really like her a lot. She's an awesome woman of God and we get along famously. We came back Saturday evening and spent the night at the movie theatre. We saw Dreamgirls and In Pursuit of Happyness. After that I took her to the largest night market this side of the island. Sunday morning we went to church and then I had to take her back to the airport!! Unfortunately, she lives on Kimen Island, which is directly across from mainland China. You can actually see China from the island. (Hey! made my blog)!!!

Trip to the mountains with the church.

Last Wednesday, I took a trip to NanYing Coastal National Scenic Area with the church I started attending. I had a really good time despite having a brace on my knee due to an injury. I met some really awesome people and was glad that I skipped arriving in Taipei at 1 pm. (I didn't get to Taipei until 11pm that night)! We walked around the scenic area, which was really beautiful. I got to ride my first pony and shoot my first arrows. After our walk, we went to this really nice hotel for lunch. After lunch, we had a time of worship and we broke up into small groups to discuss things about relationships.

Monday, March 05, 2007


I'm going to Korea, y'all!!!! April 4-9th......oh yeah baby!!!!

This just totally made my day. I'll be chillin' with Rachel, Paul, and Mary!