Friday, February 29, 2008

Walk for Life 2008, Tainan City

I took part in Ray of Hope's Anti-Abortion/Sexual Abuse walk on February 16. It was the first time that anything like this has been done in Taiwan. These are issues that people don't talk about in Taiwan. The purpose was to raise awareness of the issues rather than attack people. This is our start...
One of my 2nd graders came with his parents and I walked with them. It was really good and I got to talk to my student about how to keep himself safe from abuse.

Walk for Life, Tainan City

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Levi Update: I Think I'm Going to be SICK!

I tended to Levi this morning and found a nice (really, it is nice) surprise: a huge, long, nasty, ugly white worm!!! Not, just a little piece, but, ugh! I wanted to throw up!

Although it completely made me sick to my stomach, it's a good thing. That means it's dying. His stomach is still swollen, but the worm has met it's match! (mu ha ha ha).

Levi finally ate three times yesterday and was hungry for more this morning. His skin disease is looking better and one of the two parasites is gone...The final one is this worm that was just sucking the life out of him.

I think he's trying to play with me, too. He was scratching my slippers and yelling at the water that was going through the pipes. He is really starting to improve!!! Still looking like a skeleton, he's begin to look like he's alive!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wolves in Children's Clothing

For some reason, my babies think they are wolves. Okay. However, Brian is convinced he is scary. I beg to differ! He growls and smiles and laughs! Brian, NOT scary...Jaden, however, scares me!

The Return to Singapore

I left Taiwan at 4 am on Friday morning and arrived in Singapore at 11am. After tons of problems trying to get checked into my hotel room, I learned that a bunch of White Horse people were there!! I was soooo surprised, as I thought Pastor Johnnie was the only one that would have been there. Dr. Janet, the Kerkoffs, and Tim were there, as well as Brian Tan (who now lives in Singapore with his family), and Jake (who went to WHCC, but I didn't know). It really was a huge blessing!! I really felt like myself again. I'm so glad I went. I almost didn't because of all that had went on that week. I needed it.

I made lots of new friends from Singapore and the US. I roomed with JB's sister, and we got along great!! I had a really good time with her.

I really like Singapore. This was my second time there. There's such a high level of integrity, pride (by pride I mean people care about things), and stewardship within that country. The people are very intelligent not only in mind, but in heart as well. I'm sure there are racial conflicts, but very different from the tensions found throughout Asia. Again, I've noticed how such diverse groups of people can come together and function together as a society. Realizing that no place is perfect, these are just my observations and I admire these things...

Singapore: The Wedding: Waiting for the Arrival of the Groom

We arrived at Naomi's home early. We got to meet her family and friends. Later, we went downstairs when JB arrived. It was time for him to play some games! He was a good sport about it. I know for me, I would get so frustrated!

Singapore: The Wedding: The Tests of Love

Like the other wedding I attended, the groom had to have a test to "prove" his love. The last wedding I went to, the game was easy. These girls TORTURED JB!!! You can notice that he had to cut off his arm hair and write in Chinese, "I love Naomi." JB's mom told his brothers to help him, but she probably didn't realize, most Asian guys don't have body hair! :) It was up to JB and Kyle...

Singapore: The Wedding: The Torture Continues

By the way, the guys really are out of shape! :)

Singapore: The Wedding: Naomi's Parent's House

In traditional Chinese fashion (see the posts about the wedding I attended with Eric), JB finally made it upstairs to pick up Naomi! Afterwards, parents blessed the children and there was a gift of tea in return. Then we ate some really good food!

Singapore: The Wedding: Scenes from the Car

Kyle, Jessica and I were taken back to the hotel by Kelvin. On our way, our mission was to take picture of the speed cameras along the PIE (I think that's the road we were on). As I was snapping, Kelvin put his hand in the way...and he will never live it down. He was quite gracious to let me tease him about it.

Singapore: The Wedding: Before the Church

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Side Note: Levi

Levi does not seem to be getting better. He's starving himself. He refuses to eats, yet makes attempts to suck my hands in order to get milk, and I've tried all different types of food. His body temp has dropped quite low and he is nothing more than a skeleton with fur. It's really sad and heartbreaking. He's so weak. His precious little life is in my hands and there's not much more that I can do for him. I know it's only an animal, but to sit and watch something so small and precious deteriorate like this and not having the ability to make him better...I have some small understanding of what it's like when it's a child...

Since Levi wasn't eating, he didn't take his medicine for the parasite. The doctor found more parasite eggs and, now, roundworm. He was dewormed and now has a liquid medicine which I'm forcing him to take. I'm trying to keep him warm with handwarmers, space heaters, and blankets around his towel-ed up cage.

I'm convinced that if he could just get over the parasites, he would get so much better. Then he could play with Judah (as you know, they're not allowed to be in the same room together) and get out of the cage. I think that would make him really happy.

I'm learning a lot about being a "mom" and caring for an "orphan" through this. It's really strange to watch something refuse to help itself get better (ex. eating). And I think the situation can be applied to humans. It's like we ignore our basic needs, fully knowing that we need them, in order to take part in something else, which will eventually destroy us...hmmm...We ignore our need for a Savior because we love our sin. But in the end, all it brings is death.

Singapore: The Wedding: Ceremony Time!

This was the most awesome ceremony I've ever seen. Not only did the pastor preach salvation message, J.B. did as well!! Awesome!