Friday, September 28, 2007

Moon Festival Vacation: Puli and Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

I went with Irene and Tina to Puli (the geographical center of Taiwan). We were supposed to go paragliding, but the weather was horrible. We went for a hike in a river and kayaking instead. I had a great time with the girls. The trip was interesting. I've stayed in hostels before and knew that we would have to share our room with other people. Now, normally, rooms are gender specific and I was floored when 3 men walked in and dropped their bags off!!! I walked out of the room to find the owner, but couldn't. I told the girls that this isn't cet cool and it's unacceptable. We thought about going somewhere else, but couldn't find a place.
The guys said they would just get drunk and pass out. (Even more...not cool)!!! So they kept us up all night because they were partying right outside our window. When they came in, I heard 3 guys instead of the 2 that were supposed to be there! Then I heard it...someone's pants came off!!! I thought the guy was going to get into my bed!!! (But he didn't)!! I was in Jackie Chan position...just waiting to take the guy down...but he ended up on the floor. And when I woke up in the morning...naked man!!!! AAAHHH!! Not something I wanted to see!!! I freaked out and let the owner know and spoke my mind about co-habitation. Other than that, we had a good time. We have a paraglide session still and will go back in a few weeks. (We WILL buy out the room next time...)

This was the waterfall (picture above) that I almost DIED on!!! I tried climbing it (STUPID IDEA)!!! The water was too powerful for me and I couldn't find my footing. I had to slide down the waterfall and hit my foot against a huge rock when I was swept away. I'm fine. I'm durable and less stupid now. Praise God!

I hope these aren't cult people who just took a trip to be with aliens on the UFO to live forever...I hope they get saved.

More Puli, TW

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Puli, Taiwan: River Hiking...

More pictures from river hiking....Pastor Jeff would be so proud of me!!!!!
(I got dirty and wet)!

Sun Moon Lake

We went to the most famous lake in Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake. It's located in the middle of the island. We went kayaking on the lake. My legs got badly sunburnt because I forgot to bring sunscreen. After that, Irene, Tina and I got some bikes and rode down the mountain for food and back up again. (The lake is located in the mountains). We left after arriving back at the company. We left just in time, a huge storm came through and everything was flooded. I'm glad we didn't go on another river hike.

A Dr. Seuss Week

Dr. Seuss was our theme last week. How could I not make green eggs and ham!?!?

Monday, September 10, 2007

New School, New Students.

These are my Morning Program students. I teach reading to 3-5 year olds. Yeah!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Broken Heart for the Lost.

I'm brokenhearted today. I really like the church I'm in, but I heard something today that made me weep! The message was about the Great Commission and evangelism. I was so excited when I saw the outline!!! I thought, "Alright, NOW we're going somewhere..."

It started out great!!! Talking about revival and how when Jesus changes your life, you can't help BUT get excited and want to tell others.

But then...

I couldn't believe what I heard!! (And I'm not really sure what to make of it because it was clearly stated that this is what seems to work for this church...).

The way to fulfill the Great Commission is to bring people to church and because of the atmosphere MAYBE God will speak to them. I asked about this after church and was told that the church had tried street evangelism and passing out tracks several times and it always fell apart (read: no commitment). I was told that if people have the time and want to do it, then it's fine, but it had been a waste of time. The best way for this group to see people come to know Christ is to bring them to church and let God speak to them. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN THIS BE A WASTE OF TIME?!?!?!?! I rather spend the rest of my life telling everyone about Jesus and never bring anyone to the Lord then to just invit people to church...hoping that God will speak to them!!! I can't imagine Jesus saying that he wasted His time sharing the Father's heart with the Pharasees and with those who didn't repent and trust God. I just can't. This truly, truly breaks my heart!!!!

I'm not saying this with a critical spirit at all. The Bible says to judge everything in light of Scripture. And for me, this doesn't play out. Where is the conviction!!! Where is love and concern for ALL people?? Why should it be that only those who would want to attend a church service be "privilaged" to hear the Gospel?? Doesn't the stranger in the street deserve to hear it?!?! If you or I don't tell them, then WHO WILL?!?

Does this type of "evangelism" lead to disobedience? It seems to me as if, just inviting them to church and hoping that God will speak to them, goes against the very instruction of Jesus Christ found in Matthew 28:16-20 and Mark 15:15. Jesus says, "Go and teach all nations" and "Go into ALL THE WORLD and PREACH the Gospel to EVERY creature."

I know disobedience is not the heart of these people. I can see a desire and love for others in them. But if you've truly been changed by Jesus Christ, how can you NOT go and tell strangers about Him? Doesn't everyone deserve to hear the Gospel, whether or not they accept it? Why should the Gospel message be for only a select few (those who are willing to go to church)?

I'm not questioning anyone's motive. I have the right to question what people say about the word of God, and therefore, I'm exercising that right. I feel they have very good intentions. I just think, scripturally, it's wrong. Jesus COMMANDS us to go!!! Not, just to those in our sphere of influence...but to ALL THE WORLD! This is something I can't reconcile...and I don't think I ever will...

On the same note: We need to get back to the reality of the cross and stop sugar-coating the Gospel. Yes, God is a God of love, but He's also a just judge. And folks, hell IS real. If you appeal to emotions rather than the conscience, you're going to end up with a whole bunch of false conversions. People are worth so much (that Jesus gave His life so we can be right with God), they deserve to hear the truth. It's the most loving thing you can ever do for another.

Monday, September 03, 2007

God is really good to me.

And I am grateful beyond measure.