Sunday, February 25, 2007


So, we had some church last night! Four of us together. God is so amazing. Julie and I taught Jessica and Candy some worship songs and we translated one into Chinese. I taught on God's Love for Us as shown through Jesus Christ. Julie translated into Chinese to make sure all was understood. Learning from Pastor Jeff, I told her my requirement: just say exactly what I say...don't change it. Some points required additional explaination, but all was understood. At the end we prayed and I asked both Candy and Jessica if they were saved. Candy said yes, but Jessica said no. I asked her if she wanted to have eternal life and I laid out God's plan of salvation for us. She said yes! I helped her pray a sinner's prayer and she became my sister in Christ!!! Then it was time to pray for Candy and a new job. I asked her if she had been Baptized in the Holy Spirit; she said no. I gave a short explaination on the Holy Spirit and why he is important. I asked Jessica if she wanted to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit as well. Not surprisingly, she said yes! Both ladies received the Holy Spirit last night!

Afterwards the girls said the reason they were able to make their decisions was because of the Chinese translation (I had brought some Chinese/English New Testaments and Julie translated). God completely set this up! I only met Julie the night before and told her to come. I had been inviting some other Christians from churches that I've been to and the reply has been: "Oh, you're having a Bible nice." I'd say no...we're having church. "You can't do that! You're not a pastor! You don't have any training."

But I say, I rather be obedient to God and have no training than to sit at home and do nothing. And I know I have the best teacher...the Holy Spirit!!! Bible school is nice and fine...nothing wrong with going...but at this point and in this place, what more do I need? Jessica's salvation and baptism as well as Candy's is so much more important and more valuable to me than being accepted by the Christian community here. I thank God for moving last night. I thank him for the divine appointments he's given me. And I looking forward to next week. I'm praying that more people will come...I feel like Paul in Acts 28:30-31.

Yesterday morning I attended a new church called Dayspring. I don't know if it's affiliated with Dayspring in the US. The pastor is from Germany and preached in English. He talked about trusting God in order to walk in our purpose and destiny. It really was so encouraging. I had asked God this week, "What am I doing having church at my house?" He said to me, "Feed them and you will be fed."

I'm going on a retreat of sorts for the holiday on Wednesday. We will go to a mountain, have a hike, then go to lunch and have a time of worship and teaching. And next week, I will be attending a cell group, which meets at a decent time!!!

Praise God!!! All of this on the 5th anniversary of being Baptized in the Holy Spirit at New Hope! I couldn't ask for a better gift! One salvation and Two Baptisms in the Holy Spirit.....Alright God!!

We wrote the English and Chinese lyrics and tacked them on my wall. (Sorry it's sideways...I'm on the computer at school and can't read the Chinese to change it).

A time of worship.Me, Jessica and Candy!The famous one handed shots!! Me, Candy, Jess, and Julie.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I really feel that God is about to do some amazing things here.

Today, I played basketball with Co Fon (a friend I met at the gym). At first she called me and said we wouldn't play today. I called Jessica and Jessica said that we would. So we made the arragements where to meet. I met Co Fon's friends, all whom and including herself, are Christians. But there's one specific girl I met, Julie, a Taiwanese English Teacher. She asked me where I went to church and told her that we are starting our own. She told me how she wants to be a missionary and asked if she could help in anyway. I told her absolutely! I told her to bring her guitar tomorrow night to help me play since I'm not that great. Anyway, this started a 2 hour conversation about the Glory of God!! I've been praying for God to send me another friend for when Jessica leaves (not that she is replacable, because she's not)! Julie and I will be meeting to read and discuss the Word of God. She even offered to teach me to read the Bible in Chinese!!! (C'mon!!!) God allowed me to see her heart tonight. She is completely running after the things of God! It's just so amazing how God brings people together! We are about the same age, got saved and Spirit filled at the same ages. We shared our testamonies and they are similiar too!!! I am so blessed!!!

Co Fon and I. This chick in the army...don't mess with her!!....Go Fordham!!

Kevin and I. He was on our team.

We had dinner at a Japanese place. The owner actually played basketball with us and he brought us back for free dinner! I told you I'm blessed! :) I didn't pay for dinner last night either....

Two girls we played ball with. I gave the girl on the left the name "Bu Yao!" I went to shoot the ball and she kept saying bu yao. Our group for the evening. Julie is on my left (or really my right) in the red shirt. The restaurant owner is behind me in the white jacket. I'm so glad I went tonight. I really met some wonderful people!!! Praise Jesus!!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Wes' "Retirement" Party

My friend Wes is "retiring" as a trainer. I'm so sad. His co-workers had a dinner for him. I was the only memeber invited. I'm so special!! This was the latest I've ever been out in Taiwan...I didn't get home until 2:30am!!! I've also realized....I'm soooo white!!!!!

Tainan City Beach with Jessica and Michael

Monkeys in the Mountains!!!

Pirates and Princess Party at Magic Kingdom!