Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What?!? He Wanted to Kill Jesus?!?

(I don't understand why I can't share this on blogspot when it can be shared on facebook...)

I'm not even sure how to react to it. It's so sad.

Feds: School bomb plotter wanted to kill Jesus
Story Highlights
NEW: ATF agent testifies about teen's death wish at hearing

Ryan Schallenberger is accused of plotting to blow up his high school

Authorties trying to determine if he needs psych exam

FLORENCE, South Carolina (AP) -- A teen accused of plotting to blow up his high school told police that he wanted to die, go to heaven and kill Jesus, federal authorities said Tuesday.

Prosecutors argued in a federal courtroom that the statements are an indication that 18-year-old Ryan Schallenberger needs a psychological evaluation.

The straight-A Chesterfield High School senior was arrested April 19 and faces several state and federal charges, including attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. That charge carries a possible life sentence if he is convicted.

"His conduct is bizarre," prosecutor Buddy Bethea told Judge Thomas Rogers III, who did not immediately issue a ruling. "I think it screams out in his conduct that he be evaluated."

Defense attorney Bill Nettles said the request was premature, and that Schallenberger was competent to help in his defense.

Prosecutors want Schallenberger, currently at Chesterfield County jail, moved to a federal facility because they think he may try to commit suicide. His journal writings have become increasingly violent over the past year, prosecutor Rose Mary Parham said.

An agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives testified that the teen told a sheriff he wanted to die after his arrest.

"He said death was better than life," Craig Townsend said. "He told the sheriff he wanted to die and go to heaven and once he got there, he wanted to kill Jesus."

Prosecutors also played a 911 tape of the teen's mother calling police after he smashed his head into a wall two days before his arrest. On the tape, she says her son threatened to shoot police if they came.

"He's not going to do it," Laurie Sittler told the operator. "He's just got a bad temper."

The teen left but his mother was scared he would return, she said in the call. "He's planning to go to college and everything, but I don't know what to do," she said.

Schallenberger was arrested after his parents picked up at the post office a package addressed to the teen containing 20 pounds of ammonium nitrate. They got nervous and looked through his room where they found a cassette tape he wanted played after he died, which they took to the sheriff's office, the agent testified. Authorities found his journal, which lauded the Columbine killers, after searching his room.

The 50-page journal contained notes on more than 10 types of explosives that Schallenberger experimented with and evaluated a year ago, the agent testified. It had a black cover and "Pisces" written on the front, and authorities have said it contained detailed plans to bomb Chesterfield High School.

Schallenberger's parents were at the hearing but would not comment.

Townsend also testified Schallenberger's mother called police to the home in April last year, when the teen was arrested for breach of peace. He said the teen became enraged and knocked over furniture after his mother asked him to walk with his sister to a grandparent's home.

Authorities also seized a computer that shows he searched Web sites for making bombs, a shotgun, carbon dioxide canisters, "hundreds and hundreds" of matchsticks, and more cassette tapes that they have not yet heard, Townsend said.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Passover Sedar

I held my first passover sedar at my home. I've gone to them for several years now, but this is the first that I put together. After preparing everything the morning of, and by the grace of God, I pulled it off. Perfect, no. Completed, yes. Hallelujah. My co-worker's husband even wants to know more about passover and Yeshua!

(Not our passover sacrifice)! :)

I Wonder

If anyone at church heard my disgusted response to what was said at the pulpit today.

The preacher said, "Jesus is not old fashioned. Actually, he is modern. He is more modern than some of us...Jesus would dance to hip hop."

I almost walked out. I should of walked out. But instead I blurted out, "I don't think so! That's heresy!"

Everyone else was amen-ing, agreeing, or getting happy about the comment...

I wanted to cry. Jesus is holy. He is God. He is NOT our homeboy.


At the end was a typical "altar call." But this time I noticed, and perhaps it has been said before, the preacher said "if you never believed in Jesus, but want to believe in Him today, raise your hand and we'll pray for you."

Dude, even the demons believe in Jesus!

Please pray for this church and pastoral staff. Today, they were talking about how it's hard to find the new building because of the location. However, we don't need a sign, because we have 300 "church signs" already. We were to turn to our neighbor and say I'm a church sign. I turned to my neighbor and said, "I'm a soul winner...not a church sign."

She said, "Aw, come on."

But really. Is this the Great Commission?!? Where did Jesus say, "invite people to church...and maybe they'll get saved." How can people get saved if they never hear the Gospel? When is the church going to stop praying for laborers and just go!

It breaks my heart and even angers me some to hear a pastor say, "I'm not an evangelist. I'm not good at talking to people about the Gospel. I'll let other people do it. Maybe I will say something wrong and people will take it the wrong way."

Well, pastor, the Gospel offends. No one wants to admit their need for a Savior because we think we are so great. And if you were to share the Gospel wouldn't have to worry about saying something wrong...because it's all from the Word.

Unless the Word of God is wrong...and in there, is a whole other issue.

Note: This is not aimed at one person in particular. These pastors are all over America and their theology has crept into Taiwan.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tell Me Again About Having You're Best Life Now, Mr Olsteen...

Don't give me you're watered down "gospel" of Jesus loves me and wants me to have a better life. Stop it. Just stop. Would you die for that message?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Brief Update

I have officially graduated from WOTM School of Biblical Evangelism.

Judah may have cancer from a vaccination he recieved. I will know in about a week. He's only 7 months old.

I arrive back in the States on June 29th. Just in time to sleep away on my birthday (June 30).

I will visit my bestest friend in the whole world (after Jesus), Brooke, in Tulsa, OK, July 17-20.

I will then make rounds to West Lafayette, IN; Detroit, MI; perhaps Chicago; and Rochester, NY around July 23-Aug 4.

Let me know if you want to see me.

Who Would Have Ever Guessed...

I found a link to this quiz on somone else's blog. I decided to take it. For all my years as a Christian, I would never have described myself as the following. But, I guess it is true, except for the fact that I disagree with the last statement. Actually, scientific evidences supports the claims of the Bible...and therefore, not opposed to my faith...

However, unscientific evidence to support things like the lie of evolution is another story.

Created by: svensvensven
Quiz results:

What's your theological worldview?

You scored as a Fundamentalist
You are a fundamentalist. You take the Bible as the foundation of your faith and read it very literally, and it shapes your worldview. Non-fundamentalist Christians have watered-down the Gospel in your view, and academic study of the Bible stops us from 'taking God at his word.' Science is opposed to faith, as it contradicts basic biblical truths.
Reformed Evangelical
Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan
Neo orthodox
Classical Liberal
Roman Catholic
Modern Liberal
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12 Hours of Earthquakes

We had 3 earthquakes in a 12 hour period: 4.7, 5.8, 5.0.

I will not miss these at all.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Graduation Pictures

We took graduation pictures last week for the kindergarten kids. We had to wear white only. I don't own white clothing because it looks horrible on me. My boss was nice enough to purchase a beige shirt for me, but it ended up being too small on top and huge on the bottom. I was so upset that morning because I felt I looked like a marshmellow. If you ever feel the need to buy clothes for me, never, ever buy white, beige, or yellow. Dark blue, green, brown and black are good for me...I like black. Black, black, black. :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Help Out Some Missionaries

A friend is auctioning off a lot of his books and the proceeds will help some missionaries he knows. Take a look. Bid. Do it! Stop reading this. Click. Bid. Now! :)

By the way, my birthday is June 30. If anyone wants to purchase them for me as a gift, that would be nice! :) I have to buy a plane ticket and ship my two cats...I will be without income for 3 months...I can't even afford books now. :(

Auction #1

Auction #2

Auction #3

Appealing to the Soul?!? A Last Response

I'm done with this conversion on the board, but got another message. I won't reply to this because a). the person doesn't know how to read apparently nor critically think and b). it's a heart issue. But, I will give a short response on here in blue.
I am glad to see that the Christian right wing response to yesterdaysZeitgeist-post only had more quotes from the same disputed bible as alast defense. Ha ha ha. This made me laugh so hard because I've never been called "the Chrisitian right wing." Anyway, my response only had Bible quotes when replying to the BIBLE QUOTE HE claimed was a contradiction IN THE BIBLE! I saw no proper references to scientific historicalliterature that contradicted anything I stated Acutally, I wasn't going to give you any because it would all just be disputed. This guy is not interested in knowing truth, but knowing that he is right. and may thereforepresume that done trip to Egypt does not make a professionaltheological historian. Actually, my qualifications do make me a "professional theological historian," but I will not throw the education card in his face. I saw no response to the majority of my statements at all, except forsome semantic babble about the interpretation of English vocabulary. You're right. I have better things to do then to reply to your long winded copy-and-pasted-from-the-internet e-mail. By, the way, if you don't understand the need to understand the foundations of a language, and do not take into consideration the original language in context, then you are nothing more than ignorant and have drawn your own conclusions based on your own ideology. This time around I will focus less on historical facts, but I willtry to appeal to the soul instead. WOW! This is a shocker? We have a soul? But if there is no God, why should we have one?!? In the last 30 or some years ago i have travelled and lived in over35 countries. In the past 6 years, I've lived and travelled in 15 All that means is by the time I get to that 30 year mark, I could have potentially traveled and lived in more countries that you....I ended up living 7 years in south India among Hindusand Muslims. I'm from New York City, they are all over! I found out that very few Hindus actually know the wholestory of Hinduism. Like almost all believers of their own religions. Religion in India is like air. It is everywhere,everyone breathes all day, and no-one really thinks much about it.How sad that it's just "something one does." You can not ask anyone for the complete picture. They simply don'tknow. No-one tried to convert me. Hinduism does not propagateconversion. Right, it's based on selfishness and making YOUR life better and free from pain. You can only be a real Hindu if you are born one. Not true. Just like doesn't have to be born a Muslim to be a real Muslim or born as a Christian to be a real Christian. We can choose, if we are exposed to more. However: Almost 750 million Hindus are really Hindus, and are firmlyconvinced that Hinduism is the only right path.In India, ordan, Marocco, Holland and France I spent many years amongMuslims. Me too, I have a lot of Muslim friends in New York, Indiana and Egypt...and in fact, I'm moving to a Muslim country!Even though they were all dedicated Muslims, they oftenspoke different languages,and had different views about what theKoran ment to them. Most of them knew the Koran very well and werevery serious about Islam. To 1 billion Muslims Islam is the onlyright path and non of them has ever tried to convert me. That's because they don't care about you. If someone thinks that they know the right away and you are wrong, and they don't tell you, it's because they don't care what happens to you. They could be the nicest people to you. But they are not concerned for you after you die. If what you say is true. These days I live in what I like to call yellow Asia, where I liveamong Buddhists, Daoists and a series of religious variations that Ihave not quite yet mastered. I find all of them to be very tolerant,and non of them, in 6 years, has ever tried to convince me of theirright. Again, because it's all about the self and their own perfection. These religions are NOT loving! They all live alongside of eachother, do their own things, andyet firmly believe that they are on the only right path. I could noteven imagine any one of them even considering to convert me. Again, because they DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU! I also lived in many white Christian countries, among scores ofCatholics not christian, Protestants, Jews, Seventh-day-Adventists not christian, Mormons not chrisitan ,Baptists, Anabatists, Jezuits not christian, Easter-Community-followers I've never heard of this, but it probably doesn't believe in salvation through grace by faith, which makes it not christian, JehovasWitnesses not christian, Lutherians, Calvinists and the newest splinter group: Bornagain Christians.I always talk to all of them. When they knock my door, Born again Chrisitians go door to door?!?!?!?! I have never, ever heard of this method of evangelism. I think you are confused with Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses...those are the only groups that have ever come to my door in my entire life. I let them inand invite them to the debate, enjoying milk and cookies as we speak.I always want to know who they are, what they believe in, and howthey got to their conclusions and convictions.I will not tire you with their beliefs, but there is something veryodd about them in comparison with the other religious structures:None of them seem to agree with eachothers version of what used to beChristianity once. BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT CHRISTIAN!!! (refering to the cult groups that come to your door...Mormons and JWs. There's no way that Born Agains in Taiwan go door-to-door....I've been to the churches. I know the people. They can't even share their faith with their friends, let alone go door-to-door). They are polarised, fanatical, intolerant and donot cease to try to convert (or subvert)me. (HM...I'm a born again Christian and I gave you the Gospel once...and that's all I'm going to give it to you...Just to hear or read it once, makes you responsible. I don't need to keep telling you). They all firmly believethat they are on the only right path, that being a path that merelyhas its roots in old Christianity, but has become somethingcompletely different along the way.If you believe that jesus once lived, or Allah, or Buddah, orwhatever famous diety you might have chosen as your only God, thanone essential credo comes floating to the surface. Beware of pride,beware of ego, be tolerant, be loving and be respectfull. But see it is loving to tell someone the truth. If you are blind and walking towards the edge of the cliff, is the loving thing to say, "Hey! Hope you have a good day!"? Or perhaps, the loving thing to do is to leave him alone, afterall, we never know if he really wants to kill himself. NO! The loving thing to do would to be to warn him of the danger ahead. This stands as a massive contradiction to what religion actually isin the eyes of the believer: That their religion is the only rightpath. Therefore; If I claim (f.e.)to be a true Christian, Iautomatically piss and I'm the first to agree that this is wrong and there has been a lot done in the name of Christianity which should have never been done. There are also a lot of false converts who claim to represent Christ and they don't because they are not true believers and for that I'm very sorry.on the heads of 5 billion world citizens, peoplewith feelings, brains, lives, families, pains, wisdom and experience,and laugh at their hurt egos by claiming that I am right, and ALL ofthem are wrong. Somewhere down the line this man has obviously been hurt by "christians" or the "church." Please pray for him. Oh, how the mighty will dayStan

This all makes me think about the people who become Christians and freely give up their lives for the Gospel. If Christianity is wrong, why won't people deny it in order to save their lives in certain places...

What do you do with that?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Finally E-mail in the Discussion

It is futile to continue the discussion that I am having on that board. People who claim to be "open-minded" but yet, won't hear anything about Christianity. At least, I admit I have now closed my mind after being a Catholic, Atheist, practicing Hindu, an almost Mormon, into witchcraft, and satanist. My mind is now closed as I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that following Jesus Christ is true.

Anway, this is the last email that was posted by the movie guy, Stan. His is in red and my reply blue. I like how he actually gives evidence to support Biblical claims, but yet, he says it contradicts itself. Funny. I also like how he wants those who claim the existance of Jesus to provide him with credible proof, but yet, he offers none for us with his claims. Internet citation is problematic within research and I'm afraid, that seems to be his extent.

Anyway, I highlighted the portions of his text that I actually replied to in purple to help you out.
I hope you have been encouraged to stand up for Jesus (Although, He doesn't need us to stand up for Him. The point of it is to take a firm stand in what you believe in).

I am the first to admit that Zeitgeistmovie has bias. This is normal, since they are making a point that needs strength to break through the ignorance of the masses. They should have referred to their sources more often, without doubt. Zeitgeist is NOT the end of the discussion, but the awakening of the numb.Many things in the movie already knew. Some things I didn' t know I double-checked. I could not confirm all the facts they stated regarding the simularities between Christianity and other religions, but many of them I COULD find back. The evidence left should still be mindboggling to the ones with an open mind.There some that can' t be helped. Brainwash and ego are terrible things for the weak of mind. I will, however, try one more time to end this discussion with a list of facts, as well as a list of theories. If anyone can prove any of this to be wrongly quoted, or without credible base, feel free to point this out to me with the proper references and I will be silent henceforth.and IsThis is a list of SOME gods and dieties that were born, died, and were reborn again. The resurrection myth is as old as humans are.Aboriginal mythology: Julunggul, Wawalag Akkadian mythology: Tammuz htar Arabian mythology: Phoenix Aztec mythology: Quetzalcoatl, Xipe and Totec Canaanite mythology: Baal Celtic mythology: Cernunnos Christian mythology:Jesus Dacian mythology :Zalmoxis Egyptian mythology :Hora, Osiris Etruscan mythology:Atunis Greek mythology: Adonis, Cronus, Cybele, Dionysus, Orpheus, Persephone Hindu mythology: Trimurti, Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, Shirdi Sai Baba Khoikhoi mythology: Heitsi Native American mythology: Kaknu Norse mythology: Odin, Balder, Gullveig, Phrygian mythology: Attis Religion in ancient Rome: Mithras, Aeneas, Bacchus, Proserpina Slavic mythology: Veles, JariloSumerian mythology: Damuzi, Inanna The king of Kings:The idea of the king of kings has prehistoric roots and is found world-wide, on Java as in sub-Saharan Africa. These kings might also be designated to suffer and atone for his people, meaning that the sacral king could be the pre-ordained victim of a human sacrifice, either regularly killed at the end of his term of office, or sacrificed in times of crisis (read the study of Domalde).Among the Ashanti people, a new king was flogged before enthronization.Our lord the PopeFrom the Bronze Age Near East, enthronization and anointment of a monarch was a central religious ritual, reflected in the titles Messiah or Christ which became separated from worldly kingship. Thus, Sargon of Akkad described himself as "deputy of Ishtar", just as the Christian Pope is considered the "steward of Christ".Our lord the shepherdThe king is styled as a shepherd from earliest times, e.g., the term was applied to Sumerian princes such as Lugalbanda in the 3rd millennium BC. (5000 years ago!) The image of the shepherd combines the themes of leadership and the responsibility to supply food and protection as well as superiority.This title was directly transferred to Christ, as was the title of "savior" of semi-divine or deified heroes and rulers, and the title of "Son of Heaven" or "Son of God". As the mediator between the people and the divine, the sacral king was credited with special wisdom (e.g. Solomon) or vision.Our lord ChristIn Egyptian myth, Horus gained his authority by being anointed by Anubis, who had his own cultus, and was regarded as the main anointer; the anointing made Horus into Horus karast, written in Egyptian as ḥr ḳrst, "anointed/embalmed Horus". "ḳrst" is Greek for chrisma which means "unguent" whence the title Christos is derived. Christos was chosen by the Hellenistic Jewish authors of the Septuagint, Alexandria as a translation of Maaḥ because of this similarity.(Tom Harpur,Un.of Toronto)Gerald Massey (1907) compares in particular the embalming of Jesus described in Matthew 26:12 and John 19:39,40 as "making the Christ as the anointed-mummy previous to interment" and refers to Tertullian's claim that the name of the Christians derives from this unction received by Jesus.Our lord J.C.Crucifiction was common practice during Roman rule. So was corruption and deriliction of duty. It is well-documented that few people(in comparison) actually died on the cross. They would not be nailed to the wood. They would be freed at night when relatives or friends would come to the venue to bribe the guards.Crucifiction was always a thing for common people, and NEVER for the wealthy or the famous. Actually, only 2 stories come floating to the surface if one looks for famous crucifictions in the past. Jesus Christ and Julius Caesar. --J.C.--Both crucifictions are said to have happened under Roman rule, and only 32 jears apart, 2000 yrs ago. Coincedence, or simply the same person?Mary and the immaculate conceptionWorship of Isis, Horus' mother, was an important part of religion at the time, and there exists a proposal that this is the basis of veneration of Mary, and more particularly Marian Iconography.The nativity of Christ is similar in some respects to that of Ra, the Sun, in Egyptian mystery religion. Ra is given virginal birth by Neith, who was impregnated by Kneph, the "breath of life", and who had her fate foretold to her by Thoth. A sound-alike to Mary, similar to the case of krst above, is the title of "beloved", "mery", frequently bestowed on Neith.Translations of the dead sea scrolls(old-aramean) into latin were to say the least, incomplete. People simply did NOT have the whole dictionary available to them. Latin has only 1 translation for "woman", "maid" and "virgin", which is "Virgo. Therefore "Mary the woman" could become "Mary the virgin".There are scores of other gaps in translation for those that want to find them. The Trinity:Plutarch states that the Egyptian "kneph" translates to Greek "pneuma", the term for the Holy Spirit. Amenhotep III applied this myth to his wife and the birth of his son, Akhenaten, who was consequently identified as Horus. The bible and the life of JesusA complete religion built on the life and times of Jesus. Jesus is born, gets baptized, starts a brawl in the temple with the Philistines, gives a speech, has a last meal and is removed from the script after the resurrection. What is happening here? The Bible normally is a neverending epic of endless details. It drowns in details. Page after page, numbers, amounts, thoughts, speeches and teachings. There seems no end to it. Jesus lives 33 years and what do we read about his life? As good as nothing. Chapter wisely removed, it seems. This raises essential questions.The Bible:-It is remarkable that the life of Jesus is virtually missing-It was written on ancient scrolls in old-aramean, and then translated again and again. Then it was updated. Whats left is a piece of writing that has no or little relation to the original scrolls. -It was supposedly written by scores of different people in different places, speaking different languages in different times. Not the best bases for a coherent book.-Large parts of the contemporary Bible were never written on scrolls. At least none that the public has ever seen.-The stories in the old testament go back up to many thousands of years ago. Many Christians convienently disregard the old testament, claiming that the New testament is the correct one. This is incorrect, if not absurd, since both books are equally built on quicksand-The old testament, and parts of the new testament has its origins in an era where writing was rare, if not completely absent. The stories in those books were handed down mouth to mouth over many generations by illiterate shepherds, speaking different languages and dialects. The known version that was left after 6000yrs of spoken transfer can therefore in no way be held as a valuable piece of detailed knowledge. It wasn't untill the monks started writing (and later on -printing) that the contents of the stories stopped evolving radically. People then decided on updating the scriptures, leaving out undesirable chapters, breaking away in endless amounts of splinter factions, all of them choosing their own seperate ivory tower and their own dogma. We even had jesus appearing in the USA (God bless America)and thus the Mormons came into existance.Some (of many) contradictions in the Bible: The second Book of Kings,( 3, 27), recounts how King Mehsa of Moab, faced with a strong alliance by the Kings of Israel, Judea and Edom overwhelming his land and besieging his capital, "took his eldest son that should have reigned in his stead, and offered him for a burnt offering upon the wall". This had the desired result, "there was great indignation against Israel" and the three attacking kings had to raise the siege and return to their own land. The Bible does not specify who was "indignant against Israel" but in the context it can only be God; this is remarkable since God is mentioned as having long before abolished human sacrifice, and since the Hebrews rather than the Moabites were God's "Chosen people"; even so, the passage makes clear that Hebrews like other ancient peoples took seriously the power of royal sacrifice in time of national crisis and danger.In Genesis God promises Noah that the water (flood) will never return again and he created a rainbow as proof of his decision.In Revelations there is no end to the destruction, and the water returns again.I will end this for now. I have many pages more of this for those that want to know more. Consider why people need religion to start of with. People need a meaning to their life. They need to answer questions that only "living, thinking and experiencing can answer. People want shortcuts. People want to be important instead of insignificant. People want to hold on to what they were tought because the opposite creates insecurity and ego does not allow it. People feel unsafe and want protection from a stronger person. All these things are embedded in our genes. It is up to us to free ourselves from this line of thinking and stand up for who we truely are: Individuals with common fears and a common future.Stan

Wow! You must be well versed in classical, ancient, and extinct languages! How else will one truly understand the meaning of the phrases within each specific language and culture? Just because we have a word like “resurrection” in English, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing within each religion, culture, etc. Remember, the English language is very limited.

For example, Mormons and Christians share the same term “forgiveness.” However, they have two very different implications.

Mormon: Must be earned through what may be "weeks, years, or centuries" of effort. To be forgiven of a sin, one must meet the demands of the Latter Day Saints’ definition of repentance for that sin. God 'remembers' the original sin and you lose your forgiveness if you recommit the sin.

Christian: The undeserved gift of having your sins separated from you "as far as the east is from the west". Because Jesus paid our penalty as our substitute, we are considered guiltless by God. God does not remember our sins.

So already, we have two very different understandings of the same term…and both are from the English speaking language!

To solely base claims based on English or Latin translations is completely unfair and irresponsible research. What does this mean? It means, well, it requires you to do drawn out word studies for each word/term in the original language. You understand the grammar behind each word as prescribed by the ORIGINAL language. You take all the meanings and you string them together to come up with an understanding of that word or phrase.

To state that one has found “tons” of evidence to back up claims seems almost deceptive. I say this because finding “research” on the internet or reading books does not mean that one has found it….Actually, what that means is one has read sources that support what you believe, and in fact you have not done the “research” yourself.

Without a solid understanding of what each word/term means WITHIN each context, truly shows that one does not understand it.

But, of course, you will probably disregard what I’ve just stated and throw more “facts” and “evidence” our way.

As mentioned before, if one part of the research has been proven faulty or fabricated then the rest of the research is not credible. To say that someone is bias or should have cited their research more often is futile. All it does is add more fabrications to their claims!

Three reasons why people ask tough questions about the Bible:

As a barrier to defeat the Christian faith
To show off in front of others
Out of a real desire to find out the answer

Which one do you fall under?

And that’s not an attempt to call you out, just think about it.

But I will say this, if you take the time to truly study out the Bible in GRAMMATICALLY and HISTORICALLY, you will find that, in fact, it does not contradict itself, but rather supports itself.

You brought up the example of 2 Kings 3:27, well, let’s take a look at it. It is not a contradiction at all. By YOUR OWN analysis, you are supporting what God says in the Bible.

When we take a look at Chapter 3 we find that Jehoram reigns over Israel. He is an evil ruler. He imitates the sin of Jeroboam and causes the nation of Israel to fall into sin. The king of Moab rebelled against Jehoram and he went after him. So, he creates this evil alliance between the king of Judah and the king of Edom. As they searched for the king of Moab, they entered into a dry place: no food, no water. They believed that God had brought them together to destroy them, for they knew they were not following God’s law. They also knew they were not trusting God and had taken matters into their own hands.

We see that the kings inquire of the Lord through Elisha. Elisha wants nothing to do with them. Elisha knows they are evil, but he regards Jehoshaphat and inquires of the Lord.

God tells them that He will deliver the Moabites to them and defeat them. God kept his promise in v 24. He delivered the Moabites into the hands of the Israelites and they defeated them. The problem becomes after the Moabites retreated, Israel followed them. The continued to pillage and plunder; killing all in their path.

This is NOT what God told them to do. In fact, again, they had taken things into their own hands by chasing after the Moabites. God delivered them for defeat, but this was not good enough for them; they continued to chase them back to their own land.

Now, to v 26, the king of Moab knew he could not with stand further battle. So, he offered a sacrifice to the Moab god, Chemosh, (see Numbers 21:29, Judges 11:24, 1 Kings 11:7, 1 Kings 11:33, 2 Kings 23:13, Jer 48:7, 13 and 46). This god delights in the blood, murder, and the destruction of mankind.

These people believed that more precious the offering, the more it was accepted by their gods. And therefore, children were the best sacrifice.

Human sacrifice is unacceptable to God because humans are no pure and spotless. Only the blameless can be used for atonement and that’s why God instructs people in the Old Testament to sacrifice certain animals. (Notice that vegetable and fruit offerings are unacceptable).

God becomes indignant toward Israel because THEY CAUSED the king of Moab to offer his sacrifice which is an abomination of heathens (see 2 Kings 16:3). The king of Moab did this to show the Israelites (that is why he did it on the wall) that he was willing to sell his own life rather than to surrender. (We call this “pride.”)

You state: the passage makes clear that Hebrews like other ancient peoples took seriously the power of royal sacrifice in time of national crisis and danger.

Actually, if you read carefully, it does not state this. The passage states, “And there was great indignation against Israel: and they departed from him, and returned to their own land.”

God anger came before they departed. (Which maintains the Bible’s claim that God does not approve of human sacrifice. Never once in the Bible is human sacrifice acceptable in God’s eyes, except through Jesus).

They departed because of God’s anger. The Bible does not record that they felt sorry for the king of Moab. No, God’s anger came upon them because of what they drove the king of Moab to do. And then they left.

Further, your claim of contraction cannot stand because the sacrifice of the son was not offered to the Lord but to Chemosh, as the people of Moab did not worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The God of the Bible was not moved on behalf of Mesha, but rather by the evil done by his people.

To take the Bible in context is to consider the entire manuscript, not just within chapter. Remember, there are no chapter breaks in the original text. Those were placed in to make it easier to reference. My Bible is 1323 pages long. Imagine trying to find something from it without a reference system?

Anyway, that little study took me over 1 ½ hours to do. And that was just one verse!

By the way, never listen to what I say or anyone else says about the Word of God. Take what they said about it and judge it in light of the Scripture. What does Scripture say about what someone said…

Take care…

Monday, April 14, 2008

Taking On the Anti-Christian Propaganda

Do you remember the suggestion to watch that film. Well, here was my reply...Maybe I should go back for another degree in Egyptology. I really enjoyed learning about it.

Okay, where do I begin with this film? The obvious thing is that it is anti-Christian, anti-US government, nothing but propaganda to play on the emotions. And in fact, I really appreciated their tactfulness in replaying people jumping out from the WTC building as it was burning. I remember what it was like to watch that on TV live and what it was like when we couldn’t find my aunt who worked on the 92nd floor of the first tower. I also remember the people who put their lives on the line, including my mom that was part of rescue response, so, I’m not even going to get involved in the 9/11 aspect. My entire family is military personnel and some have given their lives for a country they love, by their own choice. No matter if the US government cause the events that brought them to that place, remember, they still chose to go...and I support their decisions. I didn’t watch that aspect because I know I'd probably be enraged by it. So, I won’t even go there.

So, let’s talk about the film. Let’s first look at how it was made and the material used and this is why it is not a credible source.
1. Like I said before, this isn’t an investigative piece as one would find a historian or scientist conducting. This is a man who wants to disprove something. He has decided what the end product would be. He takes information and fits it to support his own ideas. True research starts out with a question and seeks out primary and secondary sources, on both sides (and more sides) to understand and then piece together to come to a conclusion. (Even more so, should the director look at both sides if this is supposed to be a persuasive piece).
Further, what are his sources? Many voiceovers and secondary sources. Secondary sources include Massey (dated 1850s); a woman who is trained in the Classics, but Ancient Egypt normally is not included in this field, so is she reliable? There are a few others, but the point is that the filmmaker only cites others' work that fit into his disconjointed puzzle.
Where are his interviews with credible historians on these subjects? They are all secondary published works with the exception of the King James Version of the Bible, which I highly doubt that he has full read it completely. (And I do realize that the filmmaker has included audio, however, he has not given proper citation for this audio sources, therefore, it is questionable right off the bat).
2. This leads me to my next point. The filmmaker would try to persuade one that the Bible and Jesus’ life is based off of astrology. The Bible actually condemns astrology. If he has read the Old Testament then he would know that God actually condemns the worship of stars. God tells His people in Deuteronomy not to worship stars and actually calls for the death sentence if people worship the stars (creation) rather than the Creator. Therefore, the filmmaker uses the Bible to try to prove his point, but the Bible contradicts what he says. By taking the Bible into account, the filmmaker disproves his very argument!
3. Although, the filmmaker says it doesn’t matter which story came first, it actually does. The filmmaker claims that the number 12 in the Bible comes from the 12 zodiac signs. To quote the narrator, “the reality is…” that the zodiac signs and star division didn’t come into history until 4th or 5th century BC. Historians have dated Genesis around 1,000 BC, but yet, they still believe that the event occurred earlier than that as far back as 4004 BC. God promises the Messiah (Jesus) way before astrology comes into play in Babylon. Therefore, how can early scripture, be connected to something that comes 500 or 600 years LATER?It apparently he doesn’t have his historical facts straight.
3. Further, the Bible does not claim Jesus was born on December 25th. We don’t know. And frankly, it shouldn’t matter. Who cares if he was born on 12/25 or July 6th. (I for one am in favor of moving Christmas to July, by the way). The point of it, as we can see from the Bible, that God likes people to remember things He’s done. That’s why He sets forth days of remembrance in the Old Testament. And if, according to the Bible, God is unchanging, and wants His people to remember events, then it fits that we choose a day to remember Jesus’ birth.
4. On to more misrepresentation of historical facts. I studied Egyptian mythology in Cairo and Luxor, Egypt almost 3 years ago. Let me see what I can recall and compare it to the filmmaker’s claims:
a. My first issue was that the filmmaker called Isis, “Isis Mary.” Huh?!?! This title/name does not exist when looking at primary sources. Therefore, someone has fabricated this. b. Isis was also a god. There is no reference in Egyptian mythological history that she was a virgin. Again, fabricated. All accounts of Horus birth state that he was conceived between Osiris and Isis. At least that’s what they’re teaching not only at the graduate level in Cairo, but in their museums as well.
Not to mention that Horus was born as a falcon and flew away….where are those three kings that visited him? (And yes, I know the filmmaker refers to them as the stars…but how do these stars catch up with a falcon?)
c. Horus as “savior?” Again, there is no Egyptian myth to prove this. Nor did Ancient Egyptians have a concept of “Savior.” Product of his imagination as best.
I could go on and on about the historical inaccuracies of this film, but this is coming up on 3 pages, I’m tired, and frankly, it's getting old...fabrication after fabrication without credible support. But, I’ll leave you with this:
Not one reputable source cites that Horus was ever baptized (which, by the way is a purely Christian term). Not one reputable source claims Horus was a “teacher.” Not one reputable source gives us his age along with events. Horus was never resurrected, in fact, I believe his body was cut into 12 or 14 pieces and scattered over Egypt and that’s why there are so many temples dedicated to him. However, I do remember that Horus resurrected Osiris…please correct me if I’m wrong on that.
And just so you don’t say this is all about my beliefs in Jesus…I used to practice Hinduism in high school. Krishna was the 8th son of Devaki…which makes Devaki not a virgin…which clearly makes Krishna not born of a virgin…
So, what do you do with all these historical inaccuracies? Can this be a credible source? Can it be used to make one think further? I’d say no, solely based on the fact that it’s unreliable as a source.
You seem to be supportive of this film. What do you do about the credibility of the filmmaker?

--- In, "wrote:>> I will gladly add a thought or two to your questions, but first I would > strongly advise you to watch ZEITGEISTMOVIE. You can watch in online on > Youtube, or you can go to and watch it live > online. All for free. The intro of 10 minutes or so is a bit heavy, but > than it gets much better. In order not to overload your brain (its a 2 > hour watch!)I would advise you to first watch the first hour, and later > watch the second. The first hour is about religion mostly. the second > hour is about the new world order and the truth behind 9/11 in the > greater scope of history.> > Tell me when you watched the first hour, and I'll gladly get back to > you then.> > Stan>

Sunday, April 13, 2008

E-mails, E-mails, and More E-mails.

I've gotten a lot of responses to what I posted on that board. I'm really amazed at it all. Everytime someone, well, I should say, anyone promoting Christianity on the board, they get attacked. A number of people have replied and I haven't felt attacked. I presented the Gospel and they gave their view points. I even got one encouraging note:

Hi Miss Nicole

I don't know if that is your name, but it is not important. I have to say well done on a very well thought out answer. You stayed calm (where I would have gotten all worked up) and logical. Well done.


I will post the rest of them later. I hope they will be an encouragment to you not to back off in defending or explaining your faith. Oh, and actually someone wanted me to watch this film in which the filmmakers claim that Jesus is really Horus (an Egyptian god) and that he never existed. I need to find time to give a detailed reply to it because their film is full of holes and they ingore historical evidence.

I will gladly add a thought or two to your questions, but first I wouldstrongly advise you to watch ZEITGEISTMOVIE. You can watch in online onYoutube, or you can go to and watch it liveonline. All for free. The intro of 10 minutes or so is a bit heavy, butthan it gets much better. In order not to overload your brain (its a 2hour watch!)I would advise you to first watch the first hour, and laterwatch the second. The first hour is about religion mostly. the secondhour is about the new world order and the truth behind 9/11 in thegreater scope of history.Tell me when you watched the first hour, and I'll gladly get back toyou then. Stan

To this I sent my first reply:

I'm not even going to comment on this as a Christian, but as a historian (because that's what I'm trained as). The filmmakers of this movie obviously ignore historial evidence. Their methods of investigation and material are faulty. And therefore, cannot be considered for anything more than a good cry.

The filmmakers have an agenda: to disprove the existance of Jesus. They already thought of the end result and took material and twist itto fit into their hypothesis. All historians should know this is not how research is conducted.

They have neither an understanding of astrology or the historical basis for it. As far as Horus, I've actually studied Egyptian mythology in Egypt. (Where else would one go, but to the source).

Anyway, I just got home from being out all day and I will do my best to reply in further detail to you and Axel tomorrow. With regards

Saturday, April 12, 2008

OOHHH!! I Response to My E-mail!!!

The following is an email I received in response to my note to the Tainan Bulletin on the subject of religion. I wonder if someone can make some sense of it because I cannot. I'm not sure what the person is trying to say here. It left me with a big, "HUH?!?!"

I happen to agree with alot of what Paul said. Okay, angels and minorgods are not the same. Then again, that's not what I understoodanyway. I didn't read: "Ma Joo is, in fact, none other than Gabriel orSaint Peter" or somesuch. He said they're similar or "almost the same". So let's not fool ourselves here. We're not talking logically. Anyway,here's my 2 cents, and I don't need no stinking logic either >:) Yes, churches are built in the name and honor of saints. Prayersspoken to their names and can be carried by candles. They areworshipped for their piety, virtue, etc. These are all acceptedpractices, and this is the way it's been for hundreds of years already. However, not in the Vatican, not even in the most provincial of minds,has an Angel, a Saint, or the Lord Jesus ever been confused for theCreator. At least, not in any provincial mind with the most basicunderstanding of Christianity. So who wants to judge all those poor devout Christians for breakingthe first and second commandments, based on their actions - onkneeling in front of anything but the altar of God? Who will quote theBible passage that spells out their folly? Or perhaps there is someone who can see into and touch their confusedhearts and minds? Guide them from one of the Anglican orders into anoffshoot of the Lutherian belief, or or or... Oops, I've strayed fromthe flock by following the contradictions within Christianity. But please don't take this the wrong way. I very much believe the Bible is Truth, as the Word of God, right downto those very interpretations of the Cosmology therein. Other, oldercultures describe the same cosmology. Then again, in all times andages, people get the wrong idea, often because of the Bible. Sometimeswe only see want we want to or need to see. And sometimes we justdon't get it. There's always an appropriate passage to quote for bothsides. Even the Devil can abuse the Bible in that way. But Truth, as opposed to a mundane truth or false, does not lie hiddenbetween the lines or in any slew of Bible passages, especially notafter it has been translated and edited throughout the ages.Intellectually, we're half-blind towards our chosen religions, andprobably more than half-blind towards other religions. So, if Truth is Out There, somewhere, where does that leave us? It'sall about the intangibles. I love logic and science and all, eventhough I'm blind, but there's also love, doubt, imagination, reason,and so on! Don't need to see to feel, do we? It's so easy! That devoutBuddhist on the undiscovered island, going through all the rightmotions - one day he gets to heaven's gate, and there "I" sit, saintPeter, with "my" key. I don't know the real Peter's judgement, butwhat would I do? Tell him to go where the sun don't shine? Hell no!I'd give him the grand Celestial tour, and then let him decide. No usejudging him according to some ridiculously out-of-context bunch ofrules and regulations! Those are just there to lose faith in yourbrain and start having faith in His! Or maybe, if I was a stickler for detail, I'd let him reincarnate in aChristian country. PS. I'd never bother to write this, but I just saw that movieConstantine. Cool movie!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Church of Oprah Exposed

She is just whacked out and wrong.

Ack! Post-Modernism Hits Taiwan!!

Well, I always new it existed here...but now I have written proof! :)

Often times, on this mailing list, there are people who attack Christianity. There is a local pastor who always sends invites for her church on the board. The invites read, "Find out what God wants for your life" or "God loves you," etc.

These invitations have causes many arguments and about Christianity and evangelism. Most of the replies are typical of hecklers at open air preaching events. And people respond about us judging them or who are you to tell me that I need God. Typical.

Anway, these emails had not floated around until last night. Someone wrote the following. I've never attempted to reply to the hate-filled emails, but I wrote a response about this one to the board. Paul's note is in red; my response is below in blue.

This is what 7 months of the School of Biblical Evangelism taught me. Even seven months ago, I wouldn't consider debating or educating strangers like this about the Word of God. I was too scared. I didn't think I knew enough of the Bible. I didn't think I was smart enough, and I have 3 degrees including a Masters!!! But what the school did was give me just enough to become confident and challenged me in my walk with Christ.

I love the Word more and more everyday. And everyday, I'm more and more convinced that Jesus Christ is the one true God.

--- In, wrote:
> Having spent a good few years Here in Taiwan I have often chanced to
> meet Taiwanese 'converts' to Christianity. Upon discussing with
> them on the subject, one of the reasons often given for their
> conversion is the matter of there being just one God. "Budhists and
> Daoists believe in many of them while we Christians believe in just
> one". Well something needs to be said about that. The Jade
> Emperor is the Daoist one God. Below him are scores of
> other 'gods'. You see folks it's a matter of language, them whom
> the Taiwanese continue to call Gods we Christians title saints or
> angels. Their position in the hierarchy of religion are in fact
> almost the same. We build churches in the name of saint Peter just
> as Daoists build temples in the name of Ma Joo, sorry about the
> spelling. It is absurd to use a vocabulary word 'shen', which is
> used as a title for the Daoist God, angels, and saints to bring rift
> between two great religions.
> Somethin else which is often talked about is the lovely tradition of
> burning paper money in commemoration and respect to one's
> ancestors. Having been raised in a Christian family myself our
> usage of candles for the same purpose makes me but wonder at the
> similarity. Of course not all Cristians burn candles. As to the
> polution factor I read somewhere once that the average Daoist emits
> as much polutants in one year of burning money as a moped does in
> five and a half minutes going at fifty kms per
> hour.
> Speaking directly to the Taiwanese, please concider the opinion
> of just another lost soul that sweet Jesus would really not mind if
> you continued to be A devout Daoists at the same time as being a
> Christian. It is after all his words that import an understanding
> in the value of what it means to be a virtuous human being through
> the power of love. Blind belief of going to heaven just because one
> belongs to a surtain group is a receipe for fundamentalism, it
> alienates us rather than bring us
> together.
> It has been my experience that talking to religious
> fundamentalists is a practice in futility. You see they have this
> magic wand called God. Anything that cannot be explained rationally
> ie. the ark, the turning of water into wine, bringing back the
> dead, coming back from the dead, walking on water... is rationalized
> by atributing it to the fact that God in his all mighty power can do
> anything. Anything similar stated in another religion is "fairy
> tales"
> Anyways that's my opinion. PEACE


It seems as if you are able to have sensible conversations about things, therefore, I thought I'd reply to add some more thought to what you brought up. I spent quite a bit of time in writing, so this is not an "emotional" response as others have given before. Since you talk about logic and reason. I'm going to give it a go...

It sounds as if you would believe that "all roads lead to heaven." If that's true, then why to the roads of different religions contradict each other?

I see a huge problem with post-modern/politically correct ideas that say "well, if that's good for you, then it's right for you. But it's not good for me, therefore, it's not right for me." The problem with this is people can not clearly define what they believe, be it Christianity, Atheism, Buddhism, etc. There's no conviction of what they believe because they are so afraid of being accused of hate, racism, etc. They walk around life not trying to step on peoples toes. Contrary to popular belief, truly there is nothing wrong with someone saying they are right and someone else is wrong. We can say those things and still be friends. There doesn't have to be hate in between. And personally, I have more respect for those who can tell me I'm wrong than those who are wishy-washy about what they believe (no matter the subject).

As to rationalizing events in the Bible, of course, one would not believe them. To believe fantastic stories of the Bible would mean you'd have to surrender your intellectual dignity.

But before you write Christians and their beliefs off, is there any proof that the Bible claims are true?

There is compelling evidence that the Bible is no ordinary book.

Jeremiah 33:22 was written 2,500 years ago. It' states: "As the host of heaven cannot be numbered, neither the san of the sea measured."

The Bible claimed that there were millions of stars ("host of heaven" is the Biblical term for the stars). When it made this statement, no one knew how vast the numbers of stars were as only about 1,100 were observable. Now we know that there are billions of starts, and they cannot be numbered.

Written 3,500 years ago, Job 26:7 says, "He stretches out the north over the empty place, and hangs the earth upon nothing."

The Bible claimed that the earth freely floated in space. Science then thought that the earth sat on a large animal. We now know that the earth has free float in space.

Hebrews 11:3 (written 2,000 years ago) says, "Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear."

The Bible claims that all creation is made of invisible material. Science was ignorant of the subject. But we now know that the entire creation is made up of invisible elements called "atoms."

And one more, Leviticus 17:11, written 3,000 years ago, "For the life of the flesh is in the blood."
This statement declares that blood is the source of life. But up until 120 years ago, sick people were "bled," and many died because of the practice. We now know that blood is the source of life. If you lose your blood, you lose your life.

And I could continue, but if one statement could be proven true, then the rest should be considered. If one statement is proven false, then scrap the whole thing.

And this is the difference between the Bible and what you have called (as you say Christians view it), "fairy tales," is that the Bible has scientific and archaeological evidence to support it. Whearas, other religions have not and can not offer this evidence because they are based on myths.

Finally, as for Christians having "blind belief that they will go to heaven because they belong to a certain group..." tells me perhaps you don't fully understand salvation as God's plan.

I don't "blindly" believe anything. In fact, I know that I'm not a good person. I know that I've lied, stolen, disobeyed my parents, had hate and lust in my heart. I know that if I died, I would be judged (as most other religions teach). I would also be found guilty. I know that all my good deeds would never add up to the perfection and righteousness that God demands. If I'm going to be judged and punish according to my actions and deeds, there's no way I'll ever get to heaven. I can hope that God will have pity on me and let me in, but that's not what the Bible says happens.

If God is a good and just judge, then I must pay for my crime against Him. It's as if I'm standing before a court and the judge has sententced me to a $50,000 fine. I can't pay it. So, I go to jail. But someone steps into the courtroom and says, "Judge, I will pay the price, so that she can go free." And that's what Christian believe Jesus Christ did for them.

He took the punishment on the cross, so that our sin debt could be paid.

Is that blindly believing something? There's lots of edvience that Jesus existed and died on a cross. Several other religions acknowledge that, too.

So, not everyone blindly believes what you say...

One other point you make, I find interesting. You said that one can continue being a daoist while being a christian because it's a matter of language. You go on to say that daoist worship a main god and then smaller gods and you equate this to the God of the Bible and then angels and saints.

It is actually not the same. Angels and saints are not to be worshipped according to the Bible.
According to Scripture, angels are created beings to serve God, but yet they have free will (We know this because Lucifer, the most powerful angel according the the Bible, choose to desire God's power and take over heaven).

There are several verses that tell us angels were created to serve and worship God: Isaiah 6:3, Matthew 28:2, Acts 5:19, Hebrews 1:6, etc.

The Bible also tells us NOT to worship angels, but God: "At this I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, 'Do not do it! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God!'" Revelation 19:10

And, of course, we can not forget God's Law in Exodus: You shall have no other gods before Me. And you shall not make any graven image. You shall not bow down to them or serve them.

Therefore, we can LOGICALLY conclude that minor daoist gods and angels and saints are NOT the same. I'm not going to tell you what to believe. That's not my job. But you can't claim they are the same; one has to be right and one has to be wrong.

And see, we can have intellectual discussions without name calling.

All scientific evidence taken from "Scientific Facts in the Bible" by Ray Comfort.

NYU Abu Dhabi

I found out that NYU opened a campus in Abu Dhabi. I really want to do my PhD in Administration or International Education. I don't know if they offer more than undergrad classes. I emailed NYU in NYC to find out.

I would love to attend some classes there!

Anyway, for all those who have written to me, it's been a busy week. Actually, it's about 2 1/2 months before I leave and I have A LOT of things to do!! Doctors appointments, paperwork for the UAE, testing, etc.

I will try to catch up this weekend.

God is doing amazing things as always! He restoring a friendship that was broken several years ago...A lot of hurt, anger and hatred several years ago. But, praise Him that He is the God that heals and restores.

And I graduate from the School of Biblical Evangelism next week...


Oh, and I only paid $2 USD for a full set of X-rays and a cleaning for my teeth yesterday. I wonder if the UAE's insurance program is this good...Wait, I know I won't have dental...blah!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

HPV Vaccination

If you're a girl/woman between 11-26, please consider getting this vaccination. For more info, Center for Disease Control HPV Vaccine Questions and Answers

I got my first shot today. I like shots. I never had a problem before...but this one! My arm is soooooorrrreeee!!

But then again, the retail value in the States for all three shots is $360 USD. I only paid $147 for all three.

I love National Health Insurance, even though I had to wait almost 3 hours (my doctor got called to deliver a baby a few numbers before I was to see him).

Taiwan is good for health insurance...come to Taiwan. :) I will give you my apartment! te he he

Sunday, April 06, 2008


I HATE idol worship. I HATE firecrackers and fireworks.

Someone PLEASE make it stop!!!!!

So, I was thinking about the above and fell up my stairs as I was thinking it. I busted my knee for the second time this week (same knee). I hit my knee dead on the bend of the stair. I have a nice welt across my knee.

Only 85 more days.

Open Air Preaching

I was talking with my friend Howard about going out to share the Gospel again. He said the youth were doing it today, so I went along. So, these are pictures from our "mini-open air." Because of the time schedule, we sought out small groups and presented the law (and sometimes grace depending if they were receptive or not). But they all got Gospel tracts and invites to youth services.

Angela, Wei Ming, and I went to a junior high school and found some people. On our way to the school we found these older women. One woman said, "well, I'm a Christian and I already shared the Gospel with my friends."
Woman, if I were you and my friends still weren't saved, I'd be rejoicing that someone else would give them the Gospel again. We gave her the Gospel, and I pray that she was changed by it in some way.

The second group was 3 17 year olds who were breakdancing. One turned out to be a Christian, but never shared the Gospel with his friends. In fact, he didn't even know what Jesus said about sharing the Good News. It makes me wonder...

This group turned into 6 when another man walked over to listen with his children. But eventually, they left.

The final group we preached to was some basketball players. We gave the full Gospel, but it was sooo noisy. I felt myself using my teacher voice. I really wish we had more time, but we had to get back to the church...

I've been really encouraged today in sharing my faith. And I had some very great translators which made it so easy! I thank God for Angela and Wei Ming.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Brotherly Love

Levi is now about 2 months old. He's sooo much bigger than Judah when he was 2 months. Levi is the size of about a 4 month old cat. It's so amazing that he was dying just a month and a half ago. Levi is a momma's boy. He's constantly attached to my leg when I'm home. He does like to play with Judah. He bites Judah and Judah licks him. Levi also licks Judah. It's just sweet to watch. I remember when Levi first came to my house how much Judah hated him.

My Judah Cow is Growing Up!

Judah is 7 months old today. He's really big! He's getting his permanent teeth in, but his baby teeth haven't fallen out yet. It looks like it hurts, but the vet said it doesn't. Anyway, it's just more teeth to sink into my hands for him!

Wild Cherry M&Ms

Did y'all have these in the States? They were a limited edition here. I don't like chocolate (oh, stop gasping), but these were out of this world!

Testamony: A Heart Change

After posting a comment on Pastor Brian's blog about my interest in Judaism and people asking me if I'm confused as to what religion I practice (I'm holding a Passover sedar at my home and gave out invitations to co-workers), I thought I would share my testamony about God changing my heart toward a people group I hated.

I grew up in Brooklyn, near Williamsburg, where a large concentration of Hecidic Jews lived. My classmates in grammar school used to taunt me about being a Jew, although, I wasn't. They would call me dirogatory names and always say that I'm a Jew because I looked like one. I hated them for it and I hated the Jews for it as well. In my childish mine, it was their fault also. If they weren't around, then these kids would not call me these names.

As a result, everytime I saw a Jew in the street, I would curse them aloud. I would call them names and make fun of them. I would scream at the women and make fun of them for wearing wigs. I was such a terrible person toward them.

Yet, strangely, I loved to go to my friend's house on Friday nights. She lived in a building where the majority of people were Jewish. I could hear the celebration of the Shabbat and the singing in Hebrew. The Hebrew singing was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. I remember sitting in her hallway, not understanding any of it, but loving what I heard.

As time went on, I became even more verbal against Jews. I never wanted to be violent towards them. Verbal abuse was enough. After all, I still blamed them for my hurt.

When I got into high school and began practicing witchcraft and satanism, I came across a group in the subway called Jews for Jesus. They couldn't have been a more perfect target. I hated Jews AND I hated Jesus. It felt like a 2-for-1.

I would scream at these missionaries. I would say how stupid they were for believing in Jesus and how it went against their religion. I would tell them how confused they were, etc.

And through it all, not one Jewish person I ever tormented, fought back.

After I became a Christian, the Lord healed me of my past hurts from my classmates, and gave me a heart filled with love, especially for Jewish people. I know that the Lord has forgiven me for cursing His people, and I hope and pray that all those I've affected have forgiven me, too.

I feel very privilaged to have Jewish roots with my biological family (whether its through marriage or not), and to be grafted into the Lord God's spiritual family, as I consider the great Jewish men and women of faith to be spiritual grandparents. I am grateful to for the foundations laid and for the price they have paid so that the Gospel would be spread, so that one day, I would hear it.

I've come to appreciate, respect, and love those who hold the Word of God deep in their hearts. And my prayer is that they would come to know Y'shua as the Messiah. I can't explain the heart change, only that it's the work of the one true God. I would have never been able to do it myself, nor would have I wanted to.

And you know, I've come to love the way I look...I'm amazed by how well I blend in within people groups almost anywhere (except in Asia). I look forward to my visit to Israel within the next two years and I pray that God would bless the Nation He has called as His own.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Fleecing the Flock in Tennessee by Reformation Nation

I read this on someone's blog about a wolf in sheep's clothing Fleecing the Flock in Tennessee. I was amused, slightly, by the fact the author received threat-mail after exposing this "prophet." See Reformation Nation receives its first threat-mail from “Prophet” Woody Ministries.. Really, it's time that the Christian community starts to expose false prophets and teachers like that at "Prophet" Woody Ministries

I went to that "prophet's" website. You can tell right off that he's a charlatan and he himself gives the evidence and you don't even have to hear him preach!

1. He's given scripture to connect the precious Blood of Jesus to his "Blood of Jesus oil." Although he claims there's no miracle power in this oil because it's just cooking oil and food dye, it's a mockery! The guy should just sell vials of blood!

2. He continues to undermind himself in his presentation of his prayer shawl. He uses Numbers to support the validity of the product. The verses from Numbers support the Jewish tallit! Which was used to a) help to set a mood for prayer AND b)remind the Jewish people of the 613 laws (see the knots on the fringes). And the real significance in the tallit (prayer shawl) is the fringes. So, in the end, the purpose was to remind God's people of His laws.

What is meaning of it for a Christian? It can remind us of Christ in whom we have the opportunity to go before the Father in prayer. (That's what my messianic Jewish rabbi friend told me once when I asked him if I was allowed to wear one).

I think it's fine of a church bookstore to sell symbolic items such as tallits (not to be confused with ordinary scarves with the label "prayer shawl" slapped on).

However, to do otherwise is just an attempt to make money. There is no Biblical foundation/significance for these items, and all it does is deceive people who are naive.

The New Church Building

This is my cell group on the last day in the old building.
This is the entrance to the church. Yes, it is a coffee bar. It is the very first thing you see when you walk in. I know some people who come to my blog would would think this a grand idea. And right behind the coffee bar, encased in glass is a playground for children.
This is the sanctuary.
This is the children's church sanctuary.
The hallway.

Movies Today

Today is Tomb Sweeping Day in Taiwan. It's the day where all the families go to the gravesites of their ancestors, clean them up and then send off food, ghost money...and sometimes strippers to appease their ancestors.

Anyway, that just meant that I had the day off from school.

I ended up taking an afternoon nap and slept until 7pm. (Nice...not). I decided to go to see a movie. I'm so amazed how much God has changed me over the past two years. There were 10 movies to choose from and I could only see 2 at most. I mean, what I used to love to watch (violence, horror, etc), I can't do it any longer. Well, I can if I wanted to, but I have no desire to watch those movies. And infact, often, I can't stomach them anymore.

Anyway, what is it with Asians and their obsession with violence, death, gory, witchcraft filled movies? Every single Asian produced film that has come out in my city revolves around this stuff...ugh!

I really wanted to see Horton Hears a Who (in English and then Chinese), but it started at like 10:20 pm (and I got there at 8:15). I settled for The Spiderwick Chronicles. I wasn't sure what to expect, I thought it would be like a Harry Potter deal. It wasn't. However, I think there was blasphemy in it. I wasn't listening to the English because I decided to read the subtitles instead.

Anyway, I'm going to see Horton Hears a Who with Irene and Tina tomorrow. I'll enjoy it since I'm currently reading the same story to my 2nd graders.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I've Been Inspired...

I've been reading Louis Sacher's books because I'll be teaching them. I did a lot of research about him, as my students will be making connections between the author and their lives. I've always wanted to write a children's book, but I never knew on what.

Today...the idea came to me.

And you're not going to find out about it until it's done...

And if it's not really that good. Oh, well. :)

The Law and the Mishkan.

Why is the law important in evangelism? Well, let's take a look at the Mishkan. One of the objects in the courtyard was the bronze laver. Physically, it was made out of the Israelite women's metal from mirrors. Just as this bronze laver would reflect the dirt and blood from the sacrificial animal, in which the priest would realize his need for purification and sanctification, so does the law expose our "filth."

We can not enter into the Holy Place (God's presence) without being made righteous as God is righteous. How are we supposed to know that we are unrighteous in the eyes of God? It is the law that exposes it and brings an understanding of what sin actually is.

It is the law the shuts the mouth, SO THAT God's grace, mercy and love can be conveyed. If the mouth is still running and excuses for not repenting and trusting God continue to be made, the person will never hear the Good News.

So, this my friends, is why the law is still important. It is not by the law that we are saved. No, no, no. It is by grace through faith. How can grace ever be given, if it can't be heard? And remember, "faith comes by HEARING...and hearing by the Word of God."

It has nothing to do with self-righteousness and everything to do with about love and truth. And, honestly, after giving your life for another, the second best way to show love is to tell people the truth...

I wouldn't want someone to lie to me about the way my clothes, make-up, or hair much more would I NOT want someone to lie to me about my eternal life.

On-line Evangelism

For those who say that the Law doesn't work. This is someone I met several months ago. I never talked to him until a few days ago. He was not a Christian and to my understnding couldn't believe that God is real...until, someone actually stepped out and spent time with him to explain.

I all glory goes to God! And I thank Him for the opportunity to share His Word! May this be an encouragement to all those who want to evangelize, but don't because they are scared. So, get out there and share your faith...the clock is ticking...

[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
how are you doing today
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
pretty good...really tired
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Judy told me that your schedule is always full of jobs
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
yes, i dont like it
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
maybe you can take a rest inthe weekend
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
i hope so!
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
are you coming back this weekend?
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
maybe next weekend , 4/12
Movin' to the Middle East. says:

[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Do you still have job in the weekend
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
yes, i have my own business that i work on
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
your own business?
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
yes....helping people
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
are you interested in making more money?
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
i like to enjoy my life
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
i do too and thats why im doing this...
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
help other people so you can feel happy?
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
no, help other people to help themselves because i like helping people
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
and im doing this to make extra money so that one day i can build an orphanage in africa and not have to beg people to support it

[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
you are so good and honest
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
well, that's just what has been in my heart for many years
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
and i cant wait until the day comes that it will happen
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Do you always like to help people from you were a little girl?
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
nope, actually i hated people
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:

[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
why you hate people
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
i was just filled with hate as a child and teenager
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
until you touch religion?
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
actually, religion is what man comes up with to make himself feel better....i met the Lord Jesus Christ....i knew that i wasnt a good person...i lied, stole, was disobedient to my parents, had idols, worshipped satan....and i knew that if i died i was going to be judged by God. and since He is a just judge and i broke His law, i'd go to hell...
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
So, you really feel the Lord?
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
no, i KNOW the Lord
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
its not about our feelings
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
its about knowing that we are not good people...and we are in need of a Savior...and because God loves us sooo much, He sent Jesus to pay the fine
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
God is so merciful that He accepted Christ's death as payment, so that we can have a right relationship with Him
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
oh~i know
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
but i always doubt because i can't feel the existance of the Lord

Movin' to the Middle East. says:
yes, but like i said, it's not about feeling. the Jesus says that all we do is repent and put our trust in Him...we read the Bible and obey it. we have faith.
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
have you ever asked yourself what would happen to you if you died tonight?
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
what do you think would happen to you?
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
do you think you would go to heaven or hell?
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:

Movin' to the Middle East. says:
but does that concern you?
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
so many people make hell out to be this huge party of bad people, but the Bible says that it's's a bottomless pit, filled with pain and agony...and it's so hot you will never find relief
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
no , actually i never think hell is bad or good
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
and that's forever and ever and ever...there's no end
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
it's a horrible place...and david, i wouldnt want you to go there!!!
and you shouldn't want to go their either
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
this is your soul....i mean you wouldn't sell your eyes for a million dollars, would you?
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
ok, i got it><
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
no, because you value them
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
it sounds very terribly
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
Jesus said that if your eyes cause you to sin, to pluck them out
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
how much more is your soul worth/
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
Jesus said that what does it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his soul to eternal damnation?
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
your soul should be so precious to you
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
and david, we are not promised tomorrow. we could die at anytime and we dont know when
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:

Movin' to the Middle East. says:
this really should concern you
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
it concerns me...and im concerned for you
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
ok. i will try to help people
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
well, its not about helping people, david
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:

Movin' to the Middle East. says:
there's no good work that we can do to win favor in God's eyes
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
the only way that we can become acceptable to God is through Jesus Christ
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
we can't go to heaven by the "good" things we do
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
what are you thinking about right now?
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:

[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
i think that maybe i should go to the church in the weekend for this
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
maybe i can understand more about this
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
david, don't wait for this weekend. i can help explain it to you now. remember we are not promised tomorrow, and if i stay up for several more hours talking with you about this, it's worth it
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
you're worth the time
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:

[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
so you would like to introduce me ?
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
and i may not have all the answers, but i can find them for you
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
i would like to introduce you to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:

Movin' to the Middle East. says:
as i said, it's only through Him that man can be "saved..."
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
let me give you an patient while i type it
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
so, lets be honest with ourselves. you and i both know that we are not good people...we both have not met God's perfect standard as outlined in the 10 commandments (don't lie, steal, take God's name in vain, etc) we both are guilty of breaking God's, imagine that you've died and are standing before God, who is going to judge you for ever deed, word and thought. yes, God sees our heart
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
if you have ever looked at a girl with sexual desire, according to Jesus, you've committed adultery in your heart...because God sees the heart...
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
now, you will be judged according to these things and you already told me that you would be found guilty and sentenced to eternity in hell....
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
if you murdered someone in taiwan and went to trial and found to be guilty...if the judge was a good and just judge, you would be punished....there's nothing you can do to get out of that can't tell him that you only murdered one person or that you gave money to charity or helped old ladies...justice must be served and you must be punished...
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
and it's the same way with God...there's nothing YOU can do to get out of deed will set you free...
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
but here's the amazing part

Movin' to the Middle East. says:
the doors of the courtroom fling open and someone comes in....this person says, "judge, i will take the punishment for david. i will pay the fine so that david can go free. don't punish him. punish me."
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
and that's exactly what Jesus did for you...
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
He stepped into God's courtroom and took the punishment for you, so that you don't have to go to hell...
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
God loves you soooo much, david. He is so merciful and will forgive you of breaking His Law.
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
and the only thing that you have to do is to repent (tell God you're sorry for your sins) and turn away from sin...which means don't do it anymore....and put your trust in Jesus Christ
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
and when you do that you'll begin to see that God will change you from the inside out
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
So, what we should do is to believe HE?
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
He'll give you a new heart
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
first you repent and then trust Him
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
yes, believe.....and part of believing is faith
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
we have faith that Christ is real.
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
just look at the world around you...there's no way that things just blew up into existance out of nothing
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
no, someone had to design it all
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
look at the building you're in now
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
you know that someone built it, yet, you never saw the person
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
it's the same thing...
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
we know that God exists by looking at creation, yet, we have never seen Him
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
i see
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
does that make sense to you?
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
so what are you going to do about it?
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
mm..introspection myself
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
that's a good start, but remember in the end, there's nothing you can do to change yourself....only God can do that work
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
haha ...i know
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
david, i wish you knew me before i became a would never recognize me
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
and no matter what i did on my own, i couldnt change myself
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
it was only God who could change me
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
repenting and putting my trust in Jesus was and still is and will always be the best thing ive ever done in my life
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
and it's only been 7 years, 12 days and almost 4 hours
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
so you were still a bad girl when you were 20 years old?
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
(aside from the fact that i still do bad things, but now it's different, now i hate it when i sin)....but yes, i was actually into witchcraft and satanism at 20
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
and i only tell you that because God changed me!
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
i didn't do it on my own
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
and you know..i never "felt" God either
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
i just realized that i needed a Savior
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
It is so amazing for your change
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
that's the kindness, love, and mercy of God!
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
i don't deserve not a good person...i deserve hell, but God in His mercy saved me from that through Jesus Christ's death and resurrection
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
what are you thinking about now?
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
it is really a strange thing , and i want to change too!
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
what is stopping you?
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
yes, what is stopping you from repenting and trusting Jesus?
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
So, how should i start?
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
what should i do
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
well, im not going to say here's a prayer and repeat after me....if you were married and cheated on your wife, you wouldn't need me to stand behind you and tell you what to say to her...
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
but this is my suggestion.
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
let's start!
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
you get off the computer, go into your room and talk to God....pour out your heart to God...ask him for forgiveness of your sins and name your sins to Him (he already knows, but its like you're acknowledging them)...God will forgive you
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
believe that!
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
then you choose to trust Jesus
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
do you have a Bible, david?
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
read it...and do what it says....
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
I will give you a Bible when you come next week...remind me.
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
for now, go to
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
you can read it online and read the Book of John in the New Testament.
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
and i would be willing to help you learn
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
ok~ thank you
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:

Movin' to the Middle East. says:
so, david, don't wait another moment....
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
go spend time talking with out loud
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
afterwards, email me and
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
tell me about it
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
and listen...
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
I will do my best^^
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
if you struggle with belief....ask God to help you belief to take away any doubt....don't worry, its not performance...just pour out your heart to God
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
be honest with Him...remember, He already knows your thoughts
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
OK , i will try to communicate with Him~~
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
the Bible says that when you call upon the Lord, He will hear you!!
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
God is not a liar....He will hear you! I know this!!
Movin' to the Middle East. says:
So, go, go, go...and know that I am praying for you and look forward to your report!
[David] 重新統計鞋子尺寸樣式 大家找我登記! says:
ok~ thanks for your help~