Thursday, November 30, 2006


I'm going to see Wicked (finally!!!!!) on January 30th! Yaaaaaaaay!!!!! Also, my mom is the best!! She sent me a Christmas tree. It's so cool. Silver and red. yeah! Here's a picture of it! Oh and I purchased the tickets for Cats (here in Tainan). Not bad seats considering the tickets almost sold out in a day. Crazy! 2 and 1/2 hours until December....and it was 83 degrees today.

Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm not so mad today....

The meeting wasn't even really about me. Why do they do things like this to me?

I was able to express my concern for the students and the principal seems to support me. This morning the Lord gave me Col 4:6, "Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt..." That's exactly what it was like this morning. I was completely calm and I asked the Lord to have his way and let his words come forth!


Saturday, November 25, 2006


Today, I got braces for the second time on my bottom teeth. I also got a new retainer for the top set. All of this cost me only $920 USD!!!

I went to the doctor because I've been extremely tired for many months. When I actually sleep, I wake up tired. I'm tired all day long. I thought perhaps, I am anemic again....but, remember all this weight I gained? It's not coming off...the doctor thinks it's my thyroid. I had 6 blood tests done today...for $11 USD...I can't even take a cab to the doctor's for that much back home!!!!

Then I went for a full body massage...and the difference between America and Taiwan....when Taiwan says full body...they mean FULL body....I was slightly taken back by it.

I went to see 007 tonight. It was soooo awesome!!!! Best James Bond movie to date!

So, I don't know how many of you know this: how much I just love this Taiwanese singer named Wang Lee Hom...I want his song "ai de jo (? i don't know this word) shr ni" which translates to you are my my wedding one day...i dont know what it's all about...but it's so pretty....So I had this gift certificate for the mall and it expires in a day or two...I didn't know what to use it guess what I got....a 2 DVD set of mr. wang's concert in taibei...i only had to pitch in about $1.........YAY!

I leave you with a picture:

Thursday, November 23, 2006

How I long for deeper intimacy with the Father...

"my soul cries out to you...." Lord, it is so difficult to be here, spiritually!!!! I can only imagine the plans you have for me!!!

"Para usted marchita la luz mi vela: el Señor que mi Dios aclarará mi oscuridad. Para por le yo he corrido por una tropa; y por mi Dios tiene salté por encima de una pared. En cuanto a Dios, su manera es perfecta: la palabra del Señor es tratada: él es un buckler a todo los que lo confian de. ..It es Dios ese girdeth mí con fuerza, y con maketh que mi manera perfecciona. El maketh que los pies quieren trasero' pies, y setteth mí sobre mis lugares altos. ..He enseña las manos a guerrear. ..Thou ha dado mí el protector de tu salvación y tu mano derecha ha tenido mí arriba. ..Thou ha amplió mis pasos bajo mí, que mis pies no resbalaron. liveth de Señor ..The y bendijeron por mi piedra y permitieron que el Dios de mi salvación sea exaltado". Salmo 18: 28-46
Estoy agradecido para Jesús. Para Su sangre. Para Su Amor. Para mi salvación. ¡Para todas las gran cosas que el Señor ha hecho para mí! ¡Y para todas las cosas que El hará!

Some of my fellow teachers came over the other day and made a hot pot for me. Last time I had one was in Taipei and I hated it. This time, I picked all the ingredients!! YAY! This is them cooking on the floor....

My students love to make sure I'm well taken care of! We are visiting LiRen Elementary School which is known for their Art program. My students have brought me some liu cha ban tarng. They found some (banana tree?) leaves and began fanning me in the shade...they are so wonderful!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving week....Yay for America!

I'm going home January 27-February 11, 2007!!! (Alex, wanna travel back with me?!?) I'm not homesick, but I actually miss my mom! Today is her birthday!! Happy birthday, mom, who never reads this! :) Some things to point out: I've come to appreciate America, although I complain about the country a lot! I've come to appreciate my old church, although I've complained about it a lot. I truly miss it!! (Did that just come out of my mouth?!?) I left the church that I was attending....Lord bless them, but it was not for me. I was complaining too much in America. I'm learning to appreciate the little things. Like today...I am teaching about Thanksgiving this week. I told my students the whole "first Thanksgiving story." We made turkeys...I had students write "I am thankful for..." on the turkeys and 3 things they are thankful for. I gave them my examples (and of course my first on the list is God...remember, I still have to be careful about what and how I say things...). Then I listed theirs on the board. In one class, a non-Christian student said he is thankful for God (not the gods, not ancestors...but he was talking about the Christian God (he was asked in Chinese to clarify what he meant...and that's what he said). In another class, a girl asked how to spell Jesus, because she is thankful for Jesus...I was completely taken back by this!!!! And this happened in several other classes!!! (What?!? Some of my students are Christians?!?) Today was a really good day. Here are some pictures of our turkeys. And now it's bedtime.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


So you all know that I started playing badminton 2 months ago. And you all know that the guys I play with are really, really good...and very competitive....

Today, I was invited to join them for a city-wide badminton competition!!!!!!

Huh?!?!? What?!?!?

Oh, and I'm the only girl on the team.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

OOOHH!!! I have to comment on it...

As much as I dislike Brittney Spears...and as much as I oppose divorce...I have to say...You Go Girl!!! It's about time!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

What's wrong with the weather?

Compré una chaqueta el sábado. Fue 90 grados ayer y hoy. ... ¡ES noviembre! !!!!! ¡Noviembre Y 90 GRADOS! !!!!!
Un maestro masculino advirtió el perdido 7lbs en mi cuerpo.
Hoy fue un día bueno...

I bought a jacket on Saturday. It was 90 degrees yesterday and today....IT'S NOVEMBER!!!!!! NOVEMBER AND 90 DEGREES!!!!!!
A male teacher noticed the missing 7lbs on my body.
Today was a good day...

(I apologize for the poor translation of some words...but I can't think of replacement words).

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Because I've slacked off with my translated posts.

Lo siento para mi falta de postes traducidos. Así, hoy anunciaré sólo en español. Pierdo a mis amigos latinas tanto. Usted está en el corazón cada día. He estado practicando nuestras canciones en español casi diariamente. Y no un día va por donde yo no pienso acerca de usted.
He estado luchando con mis frustraciones y sentimientos de desorganización. Yo me he encontrado muy disgustadas las últimas semanas. ¿Quiere saber lo que realmente me hace loco? Cuándo yo soy juzgado según qué otros hacen. A mí, parezco como si mis ideas no sean suficiente buenas. Las personas quieren que mí haga lo que hago, lo que ellos me quieren que haga, y cuando ellos ven otra persona hace algo. ...they piensa que debo hacer lo también. Yo no soy otras personas. Y yo no quiero hacer algo porque otra persona lo hacen. Cuán poco original y aburrir.
Ahora que he emitido algún vapor. la hoja ..I usted con algunos retratos de víspera de Todos los Santos y el lanzamiento.
¡Dios le bendice!!!